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Not a 'conspiracy' anymore

I’m not a fan of Fox News. I realize that Fox news has all sorts of other monikers – meant to put focus squarely on its historic ability to twist the facts to serve a different (see: secret) agenda. Faux News, Mox News, Fake News; I get it. I realize that Fox is one half of the right-left paradigm and is not to be trusted. I realize that Fox news is a part of Rupert’s empire and has all sorts of ties to the military industrial complex – but when you see a report on what has for years been relegated to only the paranoid and fringe conspiracy world actually appear on Fox you must understand that times must be changing indeed.



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I first realized Fox News was

I first realized Fox News was not to be trusted after the Republican debate in either January or February 2008. Fox re-aired the debate after its initial showing and during the replay they edited out a segment where Dr. Paul was asked a rather loaded question that he turned into an absolute ovation from the audience. During the replay they went to commercial just as the question to RP was starting and after commercial the replay started back immediately after the point where RP had responded.

It is good when Fox News reports honestly, but we really deserve a lot more truth than what they are willing to give.


Don’t you mean it is not a theory anymore? Because it isn’t the

word "Conspiracy" that’s the problem… it is the word theory that never allows Conspiracy (the criminal offense) to go from theory to possibility to probability to fact.
But I understand what you mean.. and I do think NewsCorp has ties to the military industrial complex since the capital of all such large MNC’s flow directly to other large MNC’s in the weapons industry on short-term money markets via commercial paper or whatever else they use in the short term. There is no doubt the military industrial complex waves short-term capital in front of Ruperts face all the time… and seeing as how 40% of the economy depends on the military industrial complex it doesn’t seem like a stretch to assume Murdoch is dependent on both money markets and/or advertising dollars… and maybe most of all is the GOP, being heavily invested in fox, hires a multitude of lobbyists to help Fox stick to their guns and butter shows.

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double post, sorry

double post, sorry

What ties does Fox and Murdoch have to the military industrial


Is this just conspiracy theory rumor you're repeating or do you have specifics?

Do some research on "who owns

Do some research on "who owns what" and vertical integration. It's pretty well documented how interconnected media corporations (especially 'conservative' programming like Fox) are with Big oil, big pharma, big industrial (General Electric), big finance (BoA, Fannie, Freddie) etc. Illuminati control from top down, that's all.

Actually, it's MSNBC

that's owned by General Electric.

I've done some research and I haven't found any significant links with Fox to the military industrial complex. I suspect you haven't found any either, or else you would have been able to state something substantial. It looks like just baseless conspiracy theory to me.

The buck stops with Rupert

The buck stops with Rupert Murdoch, a man who in my opinion ranks right up there with William Randolph Hearst as history's greatest "yellow journalist".

The same Rupert Murdoch that brought us

Judge Napolitano, Freedom Watch, Glenn Beck, Cody Willard, John Stossel, John Asman, and other libertarians? The same Murdoch that has hosts that push Ron Paul more than any other major news organization? The same Murdoch that gave us the first and only business channel dedicated to economic freedom?

Wow, evil guy. Damn him for bringing balance to offset the rest of the Leftist media.

Again, where is the link to the military industrial complex?

Do you seriously believe that..

Rupert Murdoch was directly associated with having the Telecommunications Act passed in 96’ to merge entertainment with news and consolidate all news media down to 6 primary companies… NewsCorp being one of them.

If a guy “Brings us Economic Freedom”, then why does he tarnish the most transparent part of the market place (The Media) in order to establish a company which supposedly calls for decentralizing industry into economic freedoms for small business.

True believers in Jeffersonian ideas (which is what Fox tries to portray) do not make economic plans to destroy competition via big government.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

my friend, you need to spend

my friend, you need to spend more time with the interwebs.

Mr Murdoch himself said he tryed to shape the opinion of the war by supporting BUSH policy (interview in the UK).. Faux has always been pro war because its what makes money, and since mr murdoch hangs out in the circles that like to make money.

namely, this circle: (C. F. R.)

and he gave a keynote speech at the bohemian grove

I quit watching TV a long time ago, I've seen a few good things about the Judge, but GLENN BECK? are you F'n serious? haha

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