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Are there any other good politicians out there?

Like most I was a total cynic up until 4mnths ago when by a total fluke I happened to hear Ron Paul talk, so now I'm wondering, is it possible there are other's out there (besides Rand ofcourse), I've watched a little bit of Dennis Kucinich and although I disagree strongly with some of his more hardcore liberal views, I do get the sense that if nothing else the guy does seem to be sincere, in fact if you watch him in the Democratic '08 debates he almost seems to be like RP, speaking out boldly against his own party many times. What is the DP's take on him and are there any other good guys/girls out there?

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He and Ron Paul

are friends. That's says something.

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I've seen Dennis

shaking his pocket Constitution at the TV cameras lately. And he's talking through his clenched teeth. So I'd say Dennis is past the "Mad as Hell" point. We'll see where he goes from here. Ohio is trying to "redistrict" him right off the map. South Carolina is trying the same type "redistricting" (splitting county's votes in half) in order to shut down the most pro-Ron Paul district in the state!!

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Kucinich is wedded to

his progressive economics, of course, but, I've got something good to say about him: He's not bought. No corporation owns him, he's his own man.

Justin Amash in the House is another honest man who ran on a hard core libertarian/Constitutionalist platform and somehow won a seat in Congress.

Other than both Pauls, Kucinich, and Amash, I don't know if there are any other honest people in Congress.

Thanks to all for the info,

Thanks to all for the info, I'll have to look into Justin Amish, if there are good people out there I want to make sure they know they are supported and hopefully we can start to get more like them.

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Amash is awesome

The best way to learn about him is to follow his Facebook page. He gives an explanation for every single vote he takes on the house floor in real-time. http://www.facebook.com/repjustinamash.