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Ron Paul Calls Out Obama For Violating War Powers Resolution


During the President’s press conference, Obama told reporters: “Do I think that our actions in any way violate the War Powers Resolution? The answer is no. I don’t even have to get to the constitutional question.” In response, Paul argued that Obama took “an oath of office to obey the constitution. If we don’t know what it says how can we take the oath?”

Paul also revealed that while he doesn’t care for the War Powers Resolution, because “technically it legalized war rather than prevented war,” he believes that it takes precedence over any presidential decision to go to war. Paul professed that Obama’s refusal to talk to congress about the Libya War amounts to a violation of the War Powers Resolution. “He’s been a little bit more aggressive in declaring that he is the unitary president. That he can do what he wants. That he doesn’t have to tell the Congress. So I find it rather sad that he has taken that position,” Paul opined.

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get someone in there who knows what is going on.

Keep calling these guys on this and other issues - RP 2012