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More about Adam Kokesh

I wrote this as a comment on this article/video and some of the comments on this thread: http://trevorloudon.com/2011/06/adam-kokesh-paid-russian-age...
Thought it was maybe worth posting here. I'm sure I'll get some flack for it.

As much as it pains me I think the evidence is compelling. Think about who funded the anti war movement on the left in the 1960-70s. Now that movement has been castrated by and anti-war candidate who is now a pro-war president. The only viable anti-war party now lies in the Ron Paul movement. The Russian’s don’t like it at all that we are at their back door in nations they trade with frequently. Think about how the Russians have gone to bat for Iran among others. I like Adam. He even read an article I wrote on the air during his show. But here are the facts. His livelihood depends on the government. Not only that, a foreign government and not just a foreign government, but the Russian one. Home of the KGB and Pravda, the originators of social change through media and demoralization. He admits to this openly that he is an employee of the Russian government. Therefore, no matter what you think of him personally, his message really cannot be trusted and anything he does should be watched closely. Just stop and think for a moment the scope of the problem if he is a paid agent/agitator. His power within the liberty movement grows by the day. Most would never suspect he could some day betray us. What if one of the most popular and famous leaders of the liberty movement were to be agent sent in to defuse or distract the movement? Do you not think that this would be a worthy goal of those who seek to undo us? Think about Kokesh. His rise to fame has been meteoric in the movement. A congressional run, several public incidents involving his arrest, a quaint radioshow for less than a year and now a lucrative TV show. All within 3 years. Now his fame is approaching Ron Paul’s who has been around for 40 years practicing what he preaches. Peter Schiff is more famous, has a better record and he doesn't have his own TV show and he has had a radio show for years and years.

I have a friend who posted something on Kokesh’s FB page asking, quite innocently, some questions about all of this. His post got removed and he was BANNED from ever posting there again. He then made a fake facebook page and went back and posted another questioning article or statement and tried his best to be as innocent and just curious, not malicious, in the post. Once again, deleted and BANNED. So we can dance at the Jefferson Memorial but you cannot have free speech on Adam's FB page? Interesting indeed. I am not saying he should be made public enemy of our movement. I’m just saying consider not trusting him. You don’t know him, he has only a short public record of rhetoric and has been surprisingly successful in a very short time (not to mention he is funded by one of the largest Marxist regimes in the world, btw, yes Russians are still Marxists). Leave the jury in the chambers for a while. There is no harm in that. Make him earn your trust over a longer time scale, do not just hand it over blindly. There are bad folks out there who have conned intelligent people out of their entire life’s earnings because the thought never even crossed their mind that the con artist was not who he said he was.

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Murdoch is a capitalist.

And a libertarian, btw.


that's a comfortable opinion for this discussion--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

He is a corporatist which is neither.

But feel free to continue:

Prove that he's a corporatist.

He's said he's a libertarian.

hmmm . . .

Obama said he was going to stop the war, too--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Whew... Easy tiger. I'm on

Whew... Easy tiger. I'm on your side here but you could maybe tone it down a notch. Remember that out there the media can edit what you say to make you say crazy stuff. But if you don't look crazy saying it... people won't buy that you're crazy. Presentation in calm controlled statements is vital to any message you deliver. Just my thoughts

I love RT...

They treat Ron Paul better than any American TV stations, by far! They give a platform to the Phil Giraldis, the Ray McGoverns, the Paul Craig Roberts, the Norman Finklesteins, and all the other American patriots whose voices are silenced by the mainstream American media. It's not like Fox or ZNN are about to offer Adam Kokesh a show, so I don't have a problem with him getting his message out however he can.

Agreed.. and I too liked RT a

Agreed.. and I too liked RT a lot. I mean you're right that they have done exactly that. They have attracted a large libertarian audience because of that. It is obvious that at some point that was a conscious decision. That is even more apparent by the hiring of Adam. I just have to wonder... Why was that decision made? I can tell you with certainty it is not because the Russians are particularly interested in Ron Paul's ideas. So then why?

Also... watch this series.

How can you say with certainty...

that "it is not because the Russians are particularly interested in Ron Paul's ideas?" Why would Putin, (or any other country, for that matter) NOT want to see a Ron Paul vision come to fruition, a peaceful and prosperous United States that minds its own business and treats them with respect? It seems to me that it is in the interests of the entire world to see this happen. Only the power elite of America and Israel reject such a humane philosophy and a just world.

which is why it's important to get people to understand

the issues instead of turning this into a personality fest.. however judging from some posters even here on dp (libertybaby etc and a few other socialists), a lot of people still don't get it, hence why they have to 'trust' somebody because they themselves don't know any better. when that happens, you push power and burden to leaders and make them more susceptible to corruption.

good point--

stick to issues, not personalities.

Stick to what is happening behind the scenes, not what the media says.

Sick to . . .



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

and let's face it... who did

and let's face it... who did the Jefferson Memorial middle school dance benefit more? Freedom or Adam? I suppose only time will tell. I have my opinion on that though.

i don't believe in "trusting"

i don't believe in "trusting" any one person for the simple fact that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. i trust messages, i trust ideas. as of yet, adam kokesh has not done anything to make me think his messages and ideas are not credible. i think it will be fairly obvious if it happens. in the meantime, i'll leave the crazy russian spy conspiracies to you guys.

I think you're right but

"I think you're right but you're crazy." Is that what you're saying to me? Look there is nothing crazy or conspiratorial about pointing out that his livelihood depends on his state media company. The guy in the video... even though he harps on Kokesh has a valid question. Why not do a piece on Russian human rights. Kokesh said in response. He doesn't care about that, at least not as much about Freedom prevailing in the USA. That's fine... but perhaps it is just personal preference here. I would not be able to work for the Russian government. I suppose there's irony to using their money to do what he's doing and maybe that's his angle. Or maybe he's just a power hungry guy that will do whatever it takes to get to the top. We don't know what's in his head. But he is a paid agent of the Russian government media.

*heavy, tired sigh*

what are American 'human rights' like . . . now?


And who are the "paid agents of the {American} government media"?

My country got taken away before I was born, and I am not young.

Russia was a pretty scary place even before the Bolsheviks took over and . . . destroyed a powerful and decadent monarchy, but--

it happened around the same time that America lost *her* freedom--

in the 19-teens many freedoms were lost--

both countries.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

you are not just pointing out

you are not just pointing out that he is paid by russian media (and besides, that is obvious, and proves nothing.), you are assuming that because he is paid by state media, he MUST be an agent and cannot be trusted. i am saying, by default i don't "trust" people, but i have no reason to believe kokesh can't be trusted, and it would be naive for me to assume he can't be trusted without some evidence other than his income source.

I don't think your crazy...

but what the hell is wrong with being paid by Russia Today to host a tv show? Especially when half of the show is usually about how great Ron Paul is?

As far as any supposed propaganda, how is Russia Today worse than Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Maddow, etc??

Russia Today has better and more honest news coverage of US issues than any US-based media I know of.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

reedr3v's picture

It is legitimate always to question.

But it can also get to be an impediment if no one is trusted, no matter how good and useful their work is.

If I ever see any negative or harmful comment or action from ANYONE it sends an alarm that keeps me wary until resolved. That is why at first I didn't trust Rand. I've seen nothing to indicate Kokesh has less than honorable intent. Without bad action, suspicion is unwarranted.

EXACTLY. just because he

EXACTLY. just because he works for a media company owned by the russian government doesn't mean he's automatically not credible. he has to DO something not credible in order to be considered as such. until that happens, why connect dots that don't exist?

Like perhaps banning people

Like perhaps banning people from posting on his Facebook page?

i only know your side of the

i only know your side of the story there. how can i trust you are telling an objective version?