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Pakistan Says US Can't Be Trusted After Bin Laden Mission & Kicks US Off Base Used To Launch Drones

Thought you guys here would be interested in this. I found it to be very vindicating after having an argument with some friends a while back over Ron Paul's position on the Bin Laden raid in Pakistan.


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Good for Pakistan.

Now, if Pakistan bars US military supplies from being unloaded for Afghanistan, the US will have no choice but to withdraw.

The U.S. is between Iraq and a Hard Place…that being Pakistan

A NeoCons “money bomb” is a little different.. it means bombing others to support our money here.

China is mastering the Eurasian oil pipeline whilst the U.S. is turning towards NATO and other leaders to “money bomb”.

Reality is hitting the Bilderbergers bc they can’t expose themselves by going into Pakistan.. which is why we have gone into every other country besides Pakistan since the OBL mission…this spells trouble here at home… the President doesn’t want to put his constitutional hat on for a reason… things are going to get nasty in 2012

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Obama has retaliated by

Obama has retaliated by evicting Pakistanis from 7-11s. Sorry, I couldn't resist :).

oh no, here comes war number

oh no, here comes war number six. God help the pakistani's shit might get ugly.

Three (drone ) strikes and you're out ( of here )!

The new and improved interventionist version of our great American pastime, baseball.

Gosh, Pakistan told us to pick up our toys and go home. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!


I guess there's some question whether this is official, although that could be questionable, too! Maybe "they" just want us to think it's questionable.

First Amazon tells CA to take a hike, now this. Come-on, Texas, get your act together re the TSA.

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Good for Pakistan. Now lets

Good for Pakistan. Now lets hope they tell the US to stop sending foreign aid too!

doubt that on the aid.

nuff said

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