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HEY! Breaking! Geithner is on the way out!

BREAKING off Drudge!


Geithener set to step down.

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machine keeps on working


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someones scared. behind every

someones scared. behind every smile is overwhelming fear. real talk.

So, what? Obama will probably just bring back....




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What I worry about is - Why, and

who's probably already been long picked to replace him.

I think they are considering

I think they are considering to replace him with Dr. Evil. ;-)


I guess he wants to jump ship

I guess he wants to jump ship before things - like the economy - get really rocky :)

I rather think they want to

I rather think they want to go into campaign season claiming "it was all Geithner's fault. Now we have someone who is so much better....."

And sadly, judging by history, there are no short supply of ignoramuses who will believe them. "Because politicians are really good, you know, there are just some bad apples. That's what the man on TV said....."