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Anyone here want to sue Righthaven?

Because if so, due to a very bizarre turn of events, here is your chance. Seriously. Check it out:

Tech Dirt: Want To Give Righthaven's Backers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine?

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Not really.

We would rather use all that extra money to purchase more Liberty Defined and accelerate our give-away project. . . from family members & friends to libraries and churches along the highways we frequently travel. (We'll stay on the old fashioned, but well trodden paths ;-)

What a thickening plot.

What is funny is that Las Vegas has probably the strongest RP presence per capita in the country. Nevada may be our best state this election.

First reaction: LOL!

I really did. Laughed out loud.

Second reaction: anyone who launches this kind of lawsuit is likely to get beat up in court the same way Righthaven is getting beat up whenever its cases go to trial. The only point of their lawsuit filings is the money that can be extorted from the people who pay up, rather than go to court.

Third reaction: on the other hand, a jury might easily be persuaded that dunning Righthaven for such damages constitutes true and poetic justice.

Fourth reaction: but if a jury rules against Righthaven and awards damages, that precedent can be used by Righthaven to justify and further its future depredations.

Fifth reaction: Sigh.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

haha I hope someone does it.


I hope someone does it.

Bump for the evening crowd

Nobody ought to miss out on a good laugh.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose