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UPDATED: I would love to send Gary Johnson some money...for a Senate run! GJ at 22% in Senate Race!

UPDATE: On the Republican side, voters are ready to give Heather Wilson a shot in the general in her second run for the senate. Even if Gary Johnson chooses to abandon his long shot presidential run and pursue a senate seat, he will start off with a major deficit in the primary. Wilson leads with 43% to Johnson’s 22%, John Sanchez’s 18%, Greg Sowards’ 4%, and Bill English’s 3%.


In 2010 we had Peter Schiff, Rand Paul, and many others in primaries or house races to send money to. Who do we get to support this time for Congress?

As months tick off the clock in the presidential race it does not appear that Johnson is going to play a serious role. I was all for having two libertarian leaning candidates in the debates to try to sway the conversation that direction, but it does not look like that is even going to happen. The senate races take longer to develop and a person can get started later and still be successful.

I would love to see Gary Johnson switch to the New Mexico senate race. He is a 2-term governor from that state with near universal name recognition there. In a PPP poll from yesterday he polled the best against Barry O'bama, trailing by only 3%. http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_NM_062911... This shows the following he still has there, as O'bama won that state 3 years ago by 15%.

As recently as February, when Jeff Bingamin announced that he was retiring, Johnson said he had no interest in the race, but he was probably still hopeing to catch lightning in a bottle in the presidential race. I would love to see him reconsider.

I actually just sent him an email throught the contact box on his website encouraging him to reconsider the NM Senate seat. I pledged to support him financially if he would make that decision. I bet a lot of other Ron Paul supporters would do the same, even though we can never support him for president in 2012.

How about we start a "Draft Gary for Senate" drive to encourage him to take a look at it. Now that he has a feel for how the presidential race is panning out perhaps he will reconsider. What else can we do to make this happen? He would be one of our best chances to get Rand a friend in the Senate.

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OK, it has been two months

OK, it has been two months since I wrote this. NOW, can we start trying to draft Gary Johnson for senate? The time is getting short.

Hi Raymond

I think Johnson should conceed to RP and work hard to get RP elected and himself as VP.

(((( Hug to you )))))

Not interested in GJ as VP

Not interested in GJ as VP and not interested in internet based huggs.

But thanks for the sentiment.

I'll take an internet based

I'll take an internet based hug. Very upset about the media stomping on Ron.

The next group of polls that

The next group of polls that come out showing Paul at 15-18% will have them changing their toon.

Hi Raymond

You're welcome for the kind sentiment.

Who would you rather have as

Who would you rather have as VP than Gary Johnson?

Walter Jones

Walter Jones


I work in Jones' district. I live in McIntyre's however. I first became aware of Jones when I heard RP say his name when asked who was most like him in the house. Now that I have a job in his district so I follow him closely.
He would make a great choice!

Not going to happen.

With Ron Paul running, GJ should drop out and endorse RP

It was beneficial that GJ ran up to this point. But with the *important* straw polls and debates coming up, the right thing to do is drop out and endorse RP. If he stayed in, he'll start to detract from RP.

We definately need GJ in the senate, not screwing things up for RP.

GJ's time will come. But there are bigger things at stake.

Barack Obama is Ron's

Barack Obama is Ron's competition, not Gary.

Maybe Gary will do well in the Ames Straw Poll

and that will propell him into competetion. Oh wait, he is not on the ballot. You can not compare him to RP07, and say "it is still early." RP was on the Ames ballot in 07 and finished 5th. GJ is not ready to win the presidency. GJ for Senate!!!

Johnson would be great as a

Johnson would be great as a Senator and it would put him in an extremely unique position with regards to possible future presidential campaigns. He would not only have experience as a Senator but also experience running a State as a 2 term Governor.

I also agree with the comment below about Johnson running for Senate gaining support from nearly all of RP's base of supporters.


Going from Governor to

Going from Governor to Senator would be unnecessary and a backward step. There have been many Governors who later became president. I think it's a misguided idea.

Contact Gary Johnson 2012

I'm not exactly sure who these messages get sent to, nor how often Gary Johnson himself sees or hears of them. But http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/contact is an official way to contact the Gary Johnson 2012 team. We can all leave him this suggestion!

What is Gary's response to this suggestion?


Are those in the GJ Campaign Listening?

If GARY J went for a SENATE race, he could gain all of the R3VOLution's support.

Someone tell Gary, ... he should step for a Senate run.


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Gary Johnson Earned my vote!

‎Gary Johnson is a breath of fresh air compared to the other republican candidates. He is honest and smart! Its so nice not to be pandered to by slick talking sound bite politicians. Gary Johnson speaks slowly and eloquently, which does not lend itself to debates.

I believe Governor Gary Johnson is Obamas biggest threat. Its really hard for Obummers re-election team to paint a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, anti war GOP candidate who wants to legalize marijuana as a right wing extremist. His socially liberal stances will be attractive to democrat and independent voters. Not to mention he was a very successful two term(that's one more term than mitt romney) republican Governor in new mexico a state that is 2 to 1 democrat. He left office with a billion dollar surplus and was arguably the most fiscally conservative governor ever. He is a true Statesman and practices good stewardship of your tax dollars.

He also will not engage in mud slinging or name calling. He ran two campaigns in NM where he never mentioned his opponent. He will stick to the issues and not try to blame obama. I met Gary Johnson twice last year in my state of MO.. Once when he spoke at UMKC and another event he spoke at Missouri Southern State University. in Joplin Mo. He took the time to answer all my questions and sincerely listened to my concerns.. He is obviously working harder than the other candidates! For this he has earned my vote and support!

I've been a strong critic of Johnson for president but senate

He would make a fantastic senator!

rand would like that.

rand would like that.

Polling a 22% before

Polling a 22% before declaring, is pretty good.

"Senator Johnson" .... hey, sounds great

Go Senator Johnson... Join Rand Paul and do some good.

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"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Any Ideas?

on how to draft him for senate?

He's running for president,

He's running for president, not the Senate. Despite your thinking he has no chance, I say he should shoot for the moon.

An option for a run for Senate should not be left out

At this point GJ's campaign appears dead. No invites to any debates. No national stage to echo RP's views of freedom and liberty including the Constitution.

At this point, it may be better for GJ to run for Senate. Though, he still has some time left to turn things around. I will give him until September to get his message out. If he's still not going anywhere, it would be advantageous for him to run for Senate.

At this point? We're still a

At this point? We're still a bit more than a year off until the primary election. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.

True, true...

...that's why I said I'll give him until Sept to see if he can turn things around. After that, don't you think he'd be more influential and heard if he ran for Senate in his home state?

Think of all the pros:
-He could easily win since he's influential on his home turf
-He could help boost Kokesh w/ a potential Congressional run in NM
-He could endorse RP and campaign for RP in NM as he pushes his own senate race.

I've lost interest

I've lost interest in Kokesh, so I don't care about him or his run. But if by chance Gary is unable to make any progress over these important initial steps, I'd support a Senate run.

Too early to concede anything... heck, it hasn't even begun yet and you're suggesting throwing in the towel. Way too early.

I didn't say to throw in the

I didn't say to throw in the towel. Just wait till the summer's over and see where he stands this fall...~September

That's not really an idea

on how to draft him for senate, now is it?