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Your thoughts on the movie "Dark Knight"

Was the film really a result of the studios and Christopher Nolan? The movie to me does not feel like a movie at all..it feels like a complete and pure propaganda induced idea.Does government possibly influence big films such as "dark knight"? The film is riddled with "necessary evil" ,and "necessary spying" on civilians ...and "necessary lying to citizens" a bit deep and shoves it in the face of the audience for an entire 2 hours nearly.I don't even see batman as any kind of hero during or at the end of the film.It was on tv lastnight.What are your thoughts?

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Do I detect some jealousy here? Somebody named "Clark Kent" has to start ragging on Batman?

Come on Superman, put those petty squabbles aside. Can't you superheroes just get along?

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Uh. Im a fan of Batman ...but not the Chris Nolan batman.

I get this ominous feeling that Batman in "dark knight" is being used for pure propaganda.

Yep; there is a lot to read between the lines...

but I think that "They Live" really hits the nail on the head: You Tube "They Live (1988): Part 1/10" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-eKmnwEpmo&playnext=1&list=P...

Im here to kick aS S and chew bubblegum.

and Im all out of bubblegum. "

Yeah ive seen the movie.

never saw/heard of it

but - if it was on TV, it was propaganda - 100%
turn it off. cut your cable. save your money and your mind.