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Is Washington Times right about staying on message?


Read the above link. Here is my opinion on straying from the more controversial portions of libertarianism:

Ron Paul is widely known by libertarians and even normal conservatives now. Everyone knows his positions. However, if he can concentrate on the fact that HE PREDICTED EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW then he could actually win, and according to a lot of polls, actually beat Obama. He already has all of the libertarian base solidified (with the exception of a few who are going to Johnson, which I can respect but hope it doesn't hurt Paul).

While Rand Paul's strategy of pacifying many conservatives to voting for him by being wishy washy on some issues in the campaigns made me queasy at times (like his flip flop on Guantanamo) it worked. And now he's doing more for liberty than anyone else in the Senate. I'm not advocating Ron flip flop at all, just focus is message on the bread and butter of what Americans care about: the economy.

Here's the thing guys: it is a long shot (McCain was lower than where we are now at this point in 2008) but it is possible. It is more possible now than EVER BEFORE. This is our moment. We have to give it our all.

We should push, push, push it into people's minds that he is the only candidate that would actually do what conservatives want fiscally. And he's the only one that was actually knowledgeable about our current situation. We can win them over.