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Ron Paul's End of Quarter Push Tops Nearly $4.5 MILLION!


With the passing of the June 30th FEC filing deadline, Ron Paul supporters took a sledge hammer to the Good Doctor’s initial goal of raising $3 Million this week.

Dr. Paul then issued the challenge, raising the bar to $5,000,000, nearly DOUBLING the initial goal of three million dollars.

How did things turn out? As of one second remaining the donation ticker had skyrocketed to $4,478,329.24, just shy of the new goal, with almost half a million dollars raised within the last 24 hours alone!

This shot across the bow should send a clear message, and serve as a stark reminder to those that would marginalize the powerful affect of Dr. Liberty’s message.

Thanks to all those that contributed & helped to make this event such a success. Keep fighting the good fight America, we’re winning!


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The deadline has not passed

You can still donate!!!!