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The Washington Times says "Obama is a socialist thug" ..impeach

excerpt :"Mr. Obama is a socialist thug. Since entering office, he has engaged in a massive, almost unprecedented power grab. He thinks he is above the law, that he can cavalierly circumvent the limits imposed by the Constitution. Only one remedy will teach him that he cannot do so: impeachment."


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Comments like that only flatter this clown...

But soon the name calling will turn to more productive conduct...then we'll see if that Sh!$ eating grin is still evident

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absolutely right, ridicule is

absolutely right, ridicule is rejection rejection is resistence resistence is revolution, and revolution is victory.

I don't care what they call Obama...

Socialist, Marxist, Imperialist, Corporate Fascist - He's every 'ist' in the book and he must go!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Speedily and in our day...

and get rid of the whole rest of his appointees as well. (Can we just impeach them all? Sometimes I wish we could just annul his presidency!)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Beautiful thing about impeachment

they all get impeached with him.

The Supreme Court Justices too?

If so, Hallelujah! I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Don't know about supreme court justice

I do know that the entire appointed administration gets canned with the president if impeached.

Just In Time For The Fourth Of July Weekend. Independence Day!

Maybe a few more people that have the "Power of the pen" will reread the U.S. Constitution,,,and some hero's will come along and enforce its laws......After all the entire U.S. military took oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution, along with the entire U.S. Congress !



its too bad he doesn't even use a pen anymore...he uses that "auto sign" crap so he can have lunch in europe while fughing us all with the patriot act again...

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

We are way beyond this point.

The PEOPLE have spoken. Whoever they are.
Reality is as reality does. Isn't he handsome and the right whatever. Intelligent. After all he is a Constitutional schoolar. WOW!!!

After the bringing down of White America, they can have what is left. Who has been slave to whom? The World will soon find out.

I wish someone would post

I wish someone would post over there how PELOSI took Bush impeachment off the table. He should have been impeached for SURE. I tried to post it but some setting on my browser will not let me.

The Classification as a Socialist is a Misnomer and a Trick

usea by the establishment and the neoCons. The Washington Times meeting both categories, as well as most radio hacks, are pushing this misnomer, so people don't realize Obama is really not much different as GWB, so they are able to sell another establishment GOP candidate, that talks conservative, but really is like Bush and Obama a Corporatist. Some like to call it Fascism, but as Dr Paul says the better term is Corporatist, directing the focus on the collusion of government and the corporate chosen. The laws and policies are written to benefit the chosen corporations, and everybody else gets screwed. It creates a monopoly, by putting restrictions and regulations on their competition, especially small business so they can't compete and are eliminated. Many in Congress who call themselves conservative, are equal contributers, as they legislate the corporate welfare, restrictions, regulations, pushed by the corporate lobbyists who buy them off.
As, Dr Paul has said, Socialism is where the government supplies the services, like in Canada, and the European countries.
Obama is a Corporatist/Fascist, with desires of a Totalitarian Communist state. He has studied Karl Marx, who wrote the book on Communism. Since, our country was established as a free Republic, it's not possible to just force us into Communism, or a Totalitarian ruled country, as the people would revolt and destroy them. However, if they are able to disguise their Corporatism with other names they will eventually achieve their goal of Totalitarian rule.

But corporatism will just give liberals the excuse to point at

republicans and call for more government regulation.

Socialism is a better, more universal term because both republicans and democrats have to leave the arena of marketplace idea and use social insecurities to improve their position in government.

The word “Socialist” categorizes all institutions and people as eliminating economic sovereignty under the guise of social inequities.

F.A. Hayek used “Socialism” as a way to define the new corporate America because the idea of using a social tool to eliminate competition is inherently bureaucratic.

Saying ‘Corporatist” just points at the marketplace and all the GOP candidates who say we live in a free market and winds up rallying a bunch of liberals for more government to regulate.. but saying “Socialist” puts them all in a basket as social regulators at the expense of economic freedoms.

Socialism is the nationalization of free enterprise.. meaning using government capital under the guise of private companies..it is the same thing as fascism really.. fascism is just to explain socialism coming from the right… and socialism is the same word to explain socialism coming from the left.

Corporatism will just get washed out as another name for fascism… but in a place like America where people are prone to hating communism then socialism does better as a term to define the regime.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.



It's about time!

Too bad CONGRESS isn't getting off their dead asses and doing something about it. After all, people are being killed every day, and it ain't gonna be stopped by no newspaper. It sure isn't getting much momentum in Congress. I mean, really, isn't there ANYBODY up there taking these murders seriously? Oh, yeah, there IS at least ONE man, isn't there? Always one man.

We don’t have a thug gov’t, we still have what Jefferson wanted!

Americans won’t let banks do this now that they are finding out.. We are not bound by the social restrictions of an uneducated populace because we started out free here in the U.S.A. Obama will be impeached or he will be thrown out… when the debt ceiling caves in and the rains come then nobody will be sitting on their sofa and watching television for long when they can’t afford it.

What’s good about these thugs is they are not our government and they will never be… because they are banks. And banks crash when they disrupt the principles of a free marketplace… our government has the power, banks are just a business… so when it all comes tumbling down Americans will stick to Jeffersonian ideas and congress will change their ways or get the boot… because Americans know what has to happen.. just read some Howard Zinn and see how we do things when the federal government gets in our way under the guise of industry… it has happened in the past.. and it will happen again when things get worst economically.. at that point the sheep will turn into Shepards or else they will lose their land.. it’s that simple

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

yes but the it is designed in

yes but the it is designed in a way for the imf to step in effectively overthrowing our sovereignty. To effectively supercede our constitution. and lay the groundwork for new currency and international economic blocks, or NA and europe under a fascist UN regime powered by the IMF, IMF= the new FED, UN will replace all sovereign western governments. WE EVENTUALLY will require a GLOBAL REVOLUTION, peaceful or violent it must take place and stop this plan in its tracks, the global revolution has begun in europe, its still peaceful on the brink of violent. but america is the last piece of the puzzle, and the leaders of this UN+IMF movement are aware that the populations are awake now. They are desperately trying to accelerate the process in order to be too strong to be overthrown.When ron paul steps in and tries to get in the way of this I fear he will be assisinated. If he does, the revolution must and WILL be one of violent sorts.

Rulers have chased libertarians Westward for millennia

as our families carry us away from tyranny, now the chase has gone around the world and there is nothing to run into but China… the internet media will bring the cultures of this world to fight this debt filled bubble the rulers have created and unshackle our families. Families will win this time… out of the revolution comes a New Age of Enlightenment which I feel is coming sooner rather than later.

People’s minds will be inverted to think Less is More.. and suddenly the imagination will fill the landscape with sustenance… this is what I pray for.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Egypt to Israel, Israel to Babylon, Babylon to Cappadocia.....

Cappadocia to the Balkans, the Balkans to Germany, Germany to Britain, Britain To America...The Eastern Colonies to the West....

Pharaohs, Kings, Priests, Merchant Vessels and Bankers have pursued us all the way in the hunt for our flesh, our labor to exploit. Now there is no where left to run or hide from Pharoah, The Babylonian Slave Traders, The Temple Moneychangers, The Roman Senators, The Pope, The Queen and her Officers. All are here amongst us now feeding their young from the dwindling flesh of our families. Either we must end them or they will eat out our substance, our flesh, our lifetime labor until we are naught but skin and bone. We must resist, deny the Pursuing Beasts the fruits of our labors, and stand our ground to fight for our Lives, Liberty, Land and what is left of our Dwindling Families.

There is no where left to run, no caves of Cappadocia to hide in, no Red Sea or Atlantic Ocean between us and them, and no more time to wait them out.

We must turn around and stop running. Time to face our ancient foes, the predators who eat ours and our childrens' flesh, our worst fears.

They have us backed up against the sea, our backs against the void. We will stand and fight to win this time, on this our dying ground, the land called America, or our people shall surely end here.

Victory or extinction, that is the question. The Time for flight is over, the Time to fight is now.... or never.

The Oracle

All true...

so now what? I read that BO may have raked in 60 million dollars in the second quater. SOMEONE is supproting his thuggery - SOMEONE is benfiting from it.

And then we read the headline; Optimistic Obama: "I Got Five-And-A-Half Years More To Go": A confident President Obama said he understood that people are frustrated and he has yet to get "everything done," however he said this was only the beginning.

It is hard to grapple with these parallel universes - the one BO lives in and the one the author of the above article is describing (which is our reality).

I am hoping someone with clout (monetary resources) gets behind Ron Paul - we are very important but this current thug-government needs to meet head-on with a force of equal magnitude - a force that can nationally expose what this current administration is doing to this country.

I can imagine that Ron Paul is taking a deep breath and rolling up his sleeves - the battle is raging.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


I could not have said this better myself,very suprising comming from the WT.


Obama the new Richard Nixon?

Nixon quote: "if the president does it, its legal" And we all know what happened to him. Oh, I wonder when we will get the wage and price controls?

Nixon also took the world by surprise by closing the gold window in 1971 when he defaulted on the dollar and refused to pay in gold.

Escalated the Vietnam war, then bombed Cambodia after promising to end the war.

Opened trade to China, to move our jobs there. Remember the best Nixon quote of all time? "I am not a crook"

Obama is looking alot like Nixon.

you know who actually did all

you know who actually did all of that stuff using president nixon as a front? HENRY KISSINGER the war criminal. he set forth the plans to fascist america a power hungry sociopathical monster

correction: as Gerald Celente pointed out.

Obama is a fascist thug, the merger of corporations and the state is whats happening today and is the very definition of fascim not socialism.

Fascist indeed

Fascism is what the executive branch has been for a long time.

Oddly enough...

It's been fascist since Hitler.

very hitleresque tendencies

very hitleresque tendencies displayed by the federal govt, under the cloaak of incrimental regime building.

war propaganda, extreme nationalism, ignoring law, militarizing of police, censorship of opposing views. whats going on here? put two and two together and its VERY clear where were headed. the American reiassance is way overdue and im proud to be leading the fight for freedom with Dr. Paul and all of you! my fellow patriots.

Finally, the Constitution is being defended by a Newspaper!

It may be improper for someone on MSNBC to call President Obama a Dick.

But thank God, that isn’t the law of the land. We should be shouting it from the rooftops, that this President is more than a DICK, he’s a Thug, a Constitutional Nightmare!

He scoffs at the people of the United States, by mocking our Constitution, our freedoms, and our liberties, with every breath he takes!

If there was anyone who should have understood FREEDOM, it should have been a true black man!

There are so many great black gentlemen out there in this great country, who could have represented this country very well. But instead, this country had to hand pick a street thug, a lowlife destructive dick instead, to be their first black president.

Think about it, our first Black President of the United States will go down in history as totally Anti American, a Thug, a Constitutional nightmare!

Just one mans opinion!

The Winds of Change!

No matter how this play's out on the color issue,

Some where in heaven Martin was smiling in 2008. And if we ever get to the point were the Republic is restored,, and all the people of America are treated with respect as intended. He will stand up and give us an ovation,,,, peace Dan

This Obama debacle could lead to color blind voting

In 1988, when Mike Dukakis and Jessie Jackson were running for the Democratic nomination, Jessie won a respectible number of white votes in Ohio (say, 35% or so) but he won about 95% of the black vote. I asked a very good friend of mine, a black woman, why it was that the white vote was split between different candidates, but the black vote was delivered almost as a solid block for one candidate. She did not answer with words, she just pointed to the back of her hand.


I suspect that Obama's actions will demonstrate to everyone that color is not a marker for moral superiority, just as Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton (and now Jarrett) have forever removed the idea that women in politics will temper our militaristic tendencies (yes, that used to be a real argument in favor of electing women).