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Business Insider: Stocks to Trade Ahead of Historic Paul-Frank Marijuana Bill

Here are some interesting investment ideas for investors who believe that Ron Paul and Barney Frank's Marijuana Bill will pass the House. Personally, I think there are far too many vested interests and lobbyists in Washington for something as obviously pro-American, Democratic, and Libertarian as this bill is to actually pass; but in a desperate attempt to make the nation's politicians appear human the bill will likely head towards a Hail Mary vote anyways as a Mea Culpa of sorts which everyone can agree on voting against before it ever gains serious attention. While I commend both Ron Paul and Barney Frank for taking a bipartisan and unbelievably patriotic lead on this tremendously important issue, I have to put my investor and odds-making hat on to begin viewing the investment landscape a bit differently now that pot may be made legalized. While the analysts say this will never pass, one day a truly Democratic society as great as ours' must embrace all cultures and ways of life -- is it fair to make a religious, medicinal, spiritual, and healthy endeavor a crime simply because some people don't understand this substance?

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Rep. Lamar Smith is going to have a real problem with our foot

in his ass if he keeps this up.

The government nor wall-street will be able to project the momentous market reaction that would absorb so much debt if this wonderful plant were actually handed to the markets… but it won’t be since the feds will not have the camel get it’s nose under the tent and reveal the schemes of wallstreet, the treasury, and the board of governors who are delegated the power of creating monopolies.

Reality is this bill was blocked by Rep. Lamar Smith and won’t even be voted on.. that is how quick the Feds are to respond to this bill.. they will crash and burn before they let this plant out into the marketplace… and for those who are trying to industrialize marijuana… they will have to come up with some serious propaganda to let the bat out of the cage but keep prices under control and keep people from growing it on their own.

The end all be all is the market must crash after the debt ceiling crashes and congress has to get scared into passing a bill like this by angry Americans… that won’t happen until times are rough enough.. but the time will come no doubt, I just hope congress will even have the authority to do something at that point seeing as how the executive branch currently micro-manages everything going in an d coming out of Washington.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Ridiculous article

Though the author is correct that the will has little chance to pass (hope we're both wrong about that!), it seems ridiculous that its passing could affect the stock market.

The assumption made is that behavior of the investing public would change if the bill passes. This assumption is not valid because the passing of the bill would not suddenly spawn a whole new society of pot smokers. Those that would smoke, already do because it's so easy to get already.

Changing the laws to state level is not going to get non-smokers to suddenly acquire the desire to smoke.

But the article is correct... it would TOO American and sensible for the bill to pass -- that can't happen with our insanely out of control government we have to suffer with these days.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


doritoes, IMAX, pepsi investments
that makes sense :)

If 10% is good enough for God, why is Uncle Sam asking for 30%+?