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Ron Paul: Obama Violated War Powers Resolution

In an Interview today Presidential Candidate Ron Paul tells CNN why he thinks president Obama violated the war powers act.Obama arrogantly told the press "I Don't Even Have to Get to the constitutional Question"


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This really is not a duplicate, STPeace.

The front page version (10min32sec) is the video of the entire interview and this one is a condensed version (5min03sec) focused on the issue of War Powers Res.

I think it's GREAT to have both available to us. Sometimes we only have a few minutes to spare and wish to catch up on specific topic and at other times we want to view the entire show as primary historical document.

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T&H, many thanks for making this "straight to the point"

Ron Paul vs slipperly-slope Obm clip on War Powers Resolution that Obm is trying to gross over :-)

You really have a knack for extracting the essence!

Obama is a gonna that's all I can say!


How pathetic is Obama he is so up himself about killing

so many innocent lives in Libya in an unconstitutional war!