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Gigantic fireworks show TONIGHT

FRIDAY, July 1st 2011 at Fort Gordon in Augusta Georgia. If you live within reasonable driving distance please come and celebrate the 4th. I will have lots of RP material to hand out and need help.
Here's details of the event. There is no admission and this is huge family fun.

Post celebrates Independence Day July 1

Fort Gordon’s Annual Independence Day fireworks, band concert and carnival are scheduled Today on Barton Field. Carnival will open at 3 p.m., with military displays, craft and food vendors, live entertainment, water and carnival rides and limited fest tent seating. The original Jimmy Buffet Tribute band is scheduled to perform 6:30 p.m., followed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps Band and fireworks begin at dark. Plan ahead, arrive early to make time to get through security check at Gate 1.

My grey Chevy Avalanche will be parked somewhere around Barton Field with the 8 foot inflated RP blimp on top. Stop by and say hello. If I'm not there, grab some flyers out of the bed (gate will be unlocked) and start handing them out. Take yard signs and bumper stickers also. I will be there all evening till the fireworks are over. c 803-295-7464
Peace and Liberty,


$4.5 Mil Whoo hoo

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What a great idea !!

Wish I could come. Good luck and have a ball !!

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