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Gamers of "EVE" online revolt against pseudo economy power grab!

This is just hilarious!I don't play the game,but for all you who know anything about games..this is hilarious.Absolutely amusing...because EVE online has its own pseudo economy in a MMO, the "game developers" decided to dictate the in game "economy" by installing a "pay for everything using USD"...and the gamers revolted in anger that their in game currency (a made up barter system in game not requiring USD) is threatened.What did the gamers do? the gamers attacked the infastructures of the game itself destroying 10 years worth of game development and massively altering the course of the "EVE" online pseudo world/ pseudo economy

this is just hilarious considering the fact that IMF and Federal Reserve struggle to mandate other countries on what money is to be used and circulated.


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this should entertain gamers out there.