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Doug Wead..... a GREAT investment on RP's part

This article is at least the second editorial written by Wead on NEWSMAX (the totally war loving site)..... GO DOUG

How Many GOP Candidates Have Military Experience?

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THIS article is great

This article is great! Posted it on FB and emailed to all my friends. This is good stuff.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

I wasnt sure who he was so I checked him out

He looked familiar then I found this and I remembered where I had seen him before. He just got homesick. Its very good watch it



Wead forgot to mention Huntsman's comments regarding a Global War; “The War on Terror is being fought against a global enemy, and it is critical that we have the resources to fight them wherever they’re found.”.... also no military expeirience.

Excellent article.

Thanks for posting.

Familiar with Doug since the early 80's

He was a major force in the evangelical movement back in the early 80's and still a major "voice" in the evangelical world.

That coupled with his obvious ability to articulate is a major, MAJOR bonus to Ron's campaign! I agree, Doug and Tom Woods are two huge assets!

Used the email us link on the page to send this to the editor:

I would like to say that I've really appreciated Doug Wead's recent articles on NewsMax. Please keep them coming. I think he brings a fresh perspective that is missing from most other news outlets. Please keep posting Doug's work.

I agree, but can we have more

I agree, but can we have more than a couple of editorials at Newsmax? Let's get this guy on some major news programs and let's hear some speeches! Wise hire, official campaign...

Oh, and can we hire Tom Woods as well?!


Happy Libertarian

I'll second a vote

for getting Thomas Woods on the official roster. Bump for enjoying Doug Wead's piece as well.

Doug Wead

Is supposed to be one of the best public speakers of all time. My father at age 60 still rants and raves about a Doug Wead speech he saw 20 years ago. I'm definitely glad he's on board.

Eric Hoffer

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Nice find.

Awesome write up.