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I need help from anyone who can draw

I'm close to done with my new Ron Paul video, but I am running into one huge snag. I can't draw. My concept includes the need for a cartoon grasshopper (ala Jimminy Cricket from Pinnochio). Even a very crude drawing done in MS Paint would suffice. Standing would be fine. Preferably in a little Jimminy Cricket outfit.

It will be a great video. I don't want to ruin the surprise for the whole forum, but would be happy to share details (and credit) with anyone who could help.

I think it could be a nice change from videos laden with my baby pictures. If you havent seen my previous video's (Ron Paul speaks for me, Ron Paul sharesmy values) visit my page on youtube username "aweirdpoet"

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I can draw, but I am not so great drawing on the computer. I could hand draw something and then scan it. My website is www.kellyallard.com. Let me know if I can help.