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Ron Paul Wins June Townhall Straw Poll!

The Return of Ron Paul

After a short hiatus, Ron Paul back on top

Congratulations to Ron Paul who has won the June Townhall.com & HotAir.com Presidential Straw Poll! This is the second time since January that Ron Paul has won the Straw Poll. He also saw the biggest jump in support this month at 5.8%. In fact, he was one of only four candidates who gained ground this month: Sarah Palin (+4.1%), Michele Bachmann (+5.3%) and Rick Perry (+3.4%). Not surprisingly, those candidates received the most buzz this in the media this month. Herman Cain, the May Straw Poll Winner, received the biggest drop in support at -6.6%. Has the Hermanator's support peaked? Is Sarah Palin making a comeback in anticipation of a possible presidential announcement? Are new faces Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry beginning to gain momentum? Stay tuned!

Thank you for voting in the June poll! With the impending announcement that Thaddeus McCotter will be joining the race, we anticipate adding him to the poll in the near future. Since we launched in January, there have been over 400,000 votes cast in the Straw Polls! You are making your voice heard! We anticipate a wild finish on the way to the GOP nomination and will continue to monitor the pulse of the conservative movement.

For a complete archive of Straw Poll Results check out our Facebook Page. In the column underneath the picture on the left are results from January on.

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And not a peep from the

And not a peep from the townhall facebook.....They don't like Ron Paul.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Great News

Bump for Ron Paul..

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I got the email!

AWESOME job, folks. Way to keep the Doc on top.

FYI, if you haven't found it already:


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Bump and VOTE!

I had fun tooling around on these various online polls and voting for Ron.

Go ye and do likewise...lol ;-)

Excellent reference