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Online QR Code Generator

Hello everyone,
I saw this online QR Code Generator:

I put in some text like
"If you are smart enough to read this, you are smart enough to vote for Ron Paul. www.RonPaul2012.com".


"Legalize Freedom - support Ron Paul"

The online web generator creates the QR graphic that can be copied / pasted into Word documents. Makes me wonder if/how this can be used to discretely spread messages around town. For example, print the graphic on stickers and attach them to sugar packets at restaurants, and things like that.

Just thought I'd pass along the idea and see what everyone thinks.

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That is a really

cool idea!! It just made me think about geocaching, those "treasure hunts" people do with their gps devices. It might be a cool idea, especially this summer to create a bunch of them and hide around america....when people find them, they read some stuff about RP, take something from the cache and leave a little somethin' for LIBERTY! :)


I see those

but have no clue how it works. Here is a bump for the informed and with it crowd.

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I didn't either but here's the deal

That little graphic is called a QR(stands for Quick Response). It's also known as a 2-D bar code. For people with smartphones, you can download apps that read this graphic and translate it into text. It is similar to an old school bar code, but it has much more information embedded than a regular bar code.

For example I have an iphone and there is a free app called "RedLaser" that can scan barcodes and QRs, and returns information about what it scanned.

So in essence, you can make a small message, "encode" it into one of these little graphics, and put them in places. For example, on little stickers that you can stick onto sugar packets at a restaurant. Then when other people sit at that table and use the sugar, if they notice the graphic they can scan it with their smart phone, and see the message. It's pretty neat. More and more products at stores are having these graphics on their product labels, and customers can scan them and it takes them to websites that further describe the product.

This is the same thing, but when people scan the graphic it gives them a little pro-Ron Paul message :)

I hope that helps!

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