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Calls for Paul

This has probably been suggested before but I figured I’d put it forward anyways. I was listening to Rush today (I suppose it is a form of penance, having to listen to that dribble, for having once been a mindless neo-con) and realized, as others have suggested, that his audience will eventually have to be won over. I think those of you that have been doing this before it was allowed in polite company ;) have been appealing to this crowd already. Now it is just time that they are confronted head on. They always call up complaining and going on about how we need a “true” conservative like Reagan, and then call Ron Paul a kook even though his stance is exactly what they purport to want. Of course most of the time you can’t get though the screener because the moment you say you want to talk about Ron Paul you’re hung up on. So I propose “Calls-for-Paul” (like the Money Bomb idea) where we all decide on a day and just overload the shows with our calls and email. If we did this for all the major players (Beck, Rush, Hannity, etc…) all on one day they would be forced to talk to us about him and his views at which point they would be forced to confront their hypocrisy.
I’ve seen similar suggestions met with dissenting voices saying that these hosts are big-government right wing progressive Zionist pigs (which is certainly true) and the freedom movement has made it this far without them so we don’t need them now (which I’m almost certain the last part is not true). There is no converting Rush or Savage so that is not the point, but we can utilize their microphones to get to those who want their idealized Reagan to return. Use the system against itself and use it to reach those who can be reached. I don’t think they can ignore us all at the same time as we basically hold their shows hostage.
One of the most replied to topics last week was the “What Woke You Up?” and it was filled with all different stories but we all ended up in the same place. I am a recovering neo-con and sadly I wasn’t around for the last election. But a good friend introduced me to the Liberty Movement a couple years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Back then Rush WAS my thought process, but once I heard Ron Paul’s message my old beliefs not longer made sense.
I believe this may be a way of spreading the word and giving that audience the same opportunity we had to pick either the red pill or the blue pill and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. And of course this is only a suggestion and hope that it gets discussed and altered for the better

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Don't know about the others

but I read on Rush's website just yesterday that he was PROUDLY touting the fact that he uses a 40 SECOND mute button to avoid having people get things on the air he doesn't want. I would say, from his history of making sure he NEVER, EVER mentions Ron Paul's name, that a Ron Paul supporter would get the mute button in a hurry.

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