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Ron Paul Leads Pawlenty, Huntsman in 2nd Quarter Fundraising

The second quarter of political fundraising ended on Thursday, and while we won't reach the filing deadline for another two weeks, campaigns are starting to announce their hauls.


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Really; well on Bret Baier's

Really; well on Bret Baier's show they only talked about Pawlenty's second quater. If I didn't know better, I would have thought Pawlenty was key.

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... wish I had a current list of those that supported Dr Paul from my home Town/County (or at least the ones that allowed their names on the ticker). Here is the site to get the 2008 list of donors: http://www.fec.gov/. Plug in Ron Paul, your state and your zip code. I found a few on my zip code list that I was able to add to our local Ron Paul support group.

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donor statistics?

Does anybody have any info on donor statistics? Like how many, average donation, repeat donations from individuals, etc.?

If RP outraises Bachmann and Cain...

that would be a major story. Q2 money is a big sign of campaign momentum and RP coming in first or second would be significant.

He raised 4.5mil

in the last couple of weeks, what about prior moneybombs? He should be in the 7-10Mil range, twice as much as the bottom tier candidates like Pawlenty, Huntsman. Or was he already at the 3mil mark when the end of quarter push began?

4.5 million is current quarter total.

I believe this to be a quarterly figure covering April, May and June. Since there was approximately 2.3 million in the two prior Money Bombs, he raised 2.2 million in the last push to the end of the quarter.

What I wonder however is what about direct donations not online via the Money Bombs? Surely there are folks that give donations via checks in the mail. So we may be surprised when RP announces the final figures for the quarter.

A bit early for a final figure in my humble opinion.

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Good analysis

I got an email late on the 30th saying the campaign had contributions coming in from non-online donors that were yet to be counted, not sure how those donations get counted tho, but seemingly if you mailed it before the 30th it should count right?

If that is the case I too am hoping for a very pleasant upside surprise...

This is Front Page DRUDGE... top right!

And links to an article in the "State Column" site. YAHOO

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I saw that, nice!

I saw that, nice!

Make you kinda wonder.

Just how much is actual cash and how much is pledges.

In Mittens case

Who knows? Heck if Paul was a sleezy hack, he could have made it known he wanted to pull a political stunt and have all of us "pledge" $2300 per person and make a huge splash.