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Bill Bennett: "Why Barney Frank and Ron Paul are wrong on drug legalization"

Oh, boy... Another voice from the past that insists on maintaining what does not work.


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It's sad when an old horse that's been put out to pasture

tries to race against a Thoroughbred, isn't it"?

This is just one old fart trying to appeal to the grey haired set of the old Republican Party. Too sad. They are all going to be trampled this time!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Oh, you said it Elviejo! Very good analogy.

What an old crusty moralizer.

He's taking a "gamble" with this position

Get it? :)

Bennet's a recovering gambling addict.

Why Bill Bennett is wrong, in so many ways.

1) Why let rational (his authoritarian world view must not be disturbed) discourses spoil an argument?
2) The regulations are up to the states, not the Feds, unlike alcohol which was implemented lawfully, then repealed.
3) You can’t outlaw human foibles of victimless actions. Empirical evidence of this so called war on drugs has failed.
4) Bennett’s largess derived from the (Washington or otherwise) establishment, therefore his supposition are at least suspect.
5) Narco – states and corporatist find this a ready source of corrupt blood money and destabilize scores of countries, especially in Latin America.
6) A waste of resources, probably the most tragic and the jails are full of non-violent offenders, authoritarian agencies with an agenda to keep their existence going, malinvestment, on and on…
7) People that are (children too) addicted will receive medical, spiritual, etc. help in a more conducive environment.

I have only one thing to say,

does anyone really care what Bill Bennett has to say anymore?

I see they don't allow comments...lol

Cowards way out. At one time I really liked Bill Bennett, but over the years that opinion has sadly changed. And I'm not sure "what" changed him or "when" it changed him, but he's not the same guy he used to be back in the 80's.

The simple fact is if you replaced all of his arguements with alcohol vs. "drugs" people would laugh him off the page. I'm sure all those same arguements were at one time used to support prohibition, but look what eventually happened.

I grew up in a home that had neither drugs nor alcohol. Guess what? Neither has had an affect on me because of my PARENTS and the "home environment" in which I was raised.

THERE is your solution, Mr. Bennett....

He wasn't who he seemed in the 80's, either

His reputation was built around being a culture warrior, culminating in "The Book of Virtues." However, it turns out that one of the 'virtues' he neglected to promote was avoiding plagiarism. Another was giving proper credit (the book was ghost written).

I have come to think of Bill Bennett as a man with no authentic original thoughts.


is personal freedom and property rights WRONG !!!

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Thank you!

... because some think that the answer to the problems of tyranny and poverty is - to eliminate civil liberty and to seize assets ...

THanks for the email address

I sent him my comments. Had to say "something"....

Bennetts a Bright Guy

Did Bill Bennett actually write this? As I understood Ron Pauls position, it would be up to the states to regulate as they saw fit. The bill would repeal the Federal laws on drugs, not state laws.

#1)The number one reason Kids don't use drugs is because they are illegal. OK, he is pushing my ability to believe his reasoning here.

#2)If kids don't use drugs by 21 there is a near zero chance of them using drugs in the future. Now I am really having a hard time believing this.

#3)Legal perscription narcotics are near epidemic. I'm thinking he may have discussed this with his buddy Rush Limbaugh. OK stop giving narcotic perscriptions to kids under 21, (see #2)

#4)Now we are getting close to the adjenda, money. Normalization lowers the price, what would the banks do if 100 billion dollars disappeared from the economy? The billions of dollars now spent on enforcement that empowers government?

Not a mention of the saved lives and loss of property that would result in a legalization.


He fails to explain why every

He fails to explain why every child in America is not a raging alcoholic, using his logic.

Bill Bennet should STFU!that guy has a gambling problem

and hes one to talk about "morality".

He probably owns stock in

He probably owns stock in private prisons. No one with a brain or a heart would continue to support destroying fellow souls lives with prohibition unless it benefited them financially. As in a paycheck or stocks.

I was about to say the same

I was about to say the same thing. His interests may not be directly financial, but there could be personal connections or other interests that are personally important.