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Thaddeus McCotter, all you need to know.

Straight off of his campaign website...

Winning the War, Defending Freedom, Overcoming Tyranny

America has always stood as a beacon of freedom for the oppressed everywhere. We will not lead from behind, forfeit leadership to the international community, or subcontract our national security to anyone.

We must and will win an unconditional victory in the war of freedom against terrorism. Iran is our enemy, the foe of freedom, and it, along with North Korea and any other rogue regime, must be stopped from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

We cannot simply declare victory in Afghanistan in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and then pull out. Al Qaeda and the Taliban remain a threat to the region. We must ensure that Iraq, a strategic asset in a very troubled part of the world, remains stable.

Since freedom around the globe is in America’s national interest, we support grassroots movements that seek to give birth to liberty and freedom. But we must be careful not to undermine our allies that require transition to more democratic forms of government. The cost of expediting that transformation must not be creation of a strategic opening for terrorists and haters of freedom.

We must support sovereign democracies under terrorist threats, including Israel, a staunch ally and strategic asset under an ever-growing threat from terrorist forces and hostile nations. While we support a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians, we must not dictate any terms of the agreement or force our ally to directly or indirectly negotiate with terrorists like Hamas.

Our military must be strengthened so it can deter and defeat hostile regimes, terrorists and insurgents, if necessary. We must oppose any cuts in the military budget that would compromise those capabilities.

We have no illusions about the regime that governs Communist China, which is using every means available in its quest for wealth and power. We must pursue a strategy of constructive containment by maintaining our military advantage, getting our financial house in order, and actively combating Communist China’s unfair trade practices and theft of our intellectual property.

Enough said, by him

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Oh good grief

Please pass the communal barf bucket down my way. Do these people share the same microscopic brain and take turns using it? "Freedom around the globe is in America's interest?" Well alrighty then..

It feels weird...

...how now-a-days, whenever I hear these fools spout this jingoistic tripe, which used to suck my red shirted ass right in, I literally shudder from the distaste...kind of like putting Ayahuasca on yer pancakes by mistake.

Damn, I sure took the wrong pill...it'd be easier to read that stuff and smile.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Long lost

Long lost cousin of McCain and Kerry?