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Geocaching ---this summer and fall!!!

Someone posted a really neat idea in another thread about QR codes, and for some reason it made me think of GEOCACHING!!!!

For those who don't know what this is, people with gps devices go to the web to find coordinates to a "cache" and use their navigation to more or less "treasure hunt". Typically, when people find the treasure, they take something and leave something in its place (at least that's how we geocache here in IOWA). IT IS A LOT OF FUN!!!!!

HOW COOL WOULD IT BE to have Ron Paul supporters all over America hide their "caches", make coordinates, and leave Ron Paul info (like facts, slim jims, mini blimps, photos of the revolution march, etc..) in the cache?!?!

I think people finding these "caches" would think it was pretty neat for people to go to such great lengths to support a presidential candidate. :) And the best part, "it's treasure!"-----RARE and VALUABLE, just like RON PAUL's CAMPAIGN!!!


Just another way to get the word out.

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My daughter's family loves geocaching and I have plenty of blank discs. I liked the c-span interview, any other suggestions for videos to include or just keep it short?

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to put in the cache & simply title "watch me":


grabs attention, draws people in, then they stick around for the message.


I'm love the creativity!

Good vibrations!

Anything desirable we could leave in existing caches?

When I read the title that is what I thought of, leaving a Ron Paul card in every local Geo Cache. But a card people might not want, unless it's useful or interesting.

Or, maybe that is the point. Something people could check off on and leave in the cache, not something they would want to take.

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how about just more qr codes


Doesn't geocaching require a GPS device anyway, like a phone?

scan, poof. Link to videos, books, articles, etc.

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That's another

great idea! :)


Ok, just thought

we could leave things like an untitled cd, so they are curious to know what's on it, with a download of one of the really great Ron Paul youtube videos...Or we could title it something intriguing to make them want to see it, like "The Truth" or something like that...sorry, just brainstorming here.

..Or even videos about the federal reserve; something to wake them up enough to listen to the LOGIC of Ron Paul. :)


Oooh, that's

a REALLY good idea!!

Yeah, I was thinking that too! :)

Exactly! The info would have to be useful or interesting! Something to grab their attention quickly.. I just thought that if we did this all over the country, it would be a neat, and different way of getting the attention of people. Not as "in your face"....It's a little more subtle, and special (you know what I mean if you geocache)...I think it would be a good way to convert some people, especially since subtle messages work well with people who are off-put by political mumbo-jumbo every election cycle.

I mean, obviously not everyone geocaches, but we need to keep thinking of "different" ideas to reach people, because then those people we convert will reach out to others to convert and so on.


my boss is geocaching...but

my boss is geocaching...but he likes Obama

Give me the locations


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Awesome idea! I love

Awesome idea! I love geocaching :)