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Ron Paul at 55%

20% more than Romney, and everybody else getting vote in numbers that barely even make a blip on the pie chart. There's just no way in hell that Time magazine is going to publish the results of this. No way in hell. Believe me, if I see this in Time next week, I'll be right back here in this forum apologizing for my pessimism and cheering the fact that RP FINALLY got national media attention....but I'll believe it when I see it.

I'm skeptical too...but I

I'm skeptical too...but I have a feeling Ron Paul might even be on the cover.

If that happens, it will be a historic turning point for Ron Paul.

The oldstream media has a very good financial incentive to suddenly embrace Ron Paul with open arms...

It really does come down to self preservation - if Obama wins in 2012, the free media as we know it will no longer exist in the near future.

It's all about the bottom line...$$$

Alot of people at MSNBC have been very outspoken lately...

Does the old media realize that their days are numbered in many ways if they don't do something about it?

If Obama wins, the longterm economic forecast for the major news networks does not look good. ABC, CBS, and NBC will soon become USA News Network - The UNN...pun intended.

Bloggers will be required to have an official government license, and the internet and all the news media jobs and advertising created because of it will be lost if Obama wins again.

Corporate State Feudalism? or...FREEDOM?

What's better for business? Serfs can't afford to buy magazines, newspapers, and cable TV.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

If they dont publish the real

If they dont publish the real results, they will be met with the full force of the revolution and we all know they dont want that.

The results are going to be

The results are going to be published next Friday, the 8th of July in TIME Magazine....

Ron Paul is winning!

Voting is easy, just click on the brackets and make sure to click Ron Paul last to fill in the Winner's Bracket.

There's still a week left...and this is BIG. Let's keep the pedal to the metal and drive this baby all the way home and comfortably park it in the garage.

Mitt Romney is in 2nd place.

If the results of this poll are going to be released next week in TIME Magazine, and you have not voted yet...please do so!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

i don't know

But, it looks like RP is doing well. I wonder if they'll really put the results in the hard copy edition.

IMAGINE - Ron Paul on the

IMAGINE - Ron Paul on the cover of TIME Magazine.

It's gonna' happen...sooner than later.

Ron Paul is winning the TIME Magazine poll in a landslide...

I hope to God the REAL results are published next week.

Save your screenshots people.

A TIME Magazine presidential poll with Ron Paul winning in a landslide hitting the store shelves next week - I might actually buy a copy.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

If the editors at TIME

If the editors at TIME Magazine decide to put Ron Paul on the cover next week, it will mark The Turning Point.

Things are about to change, quickly.

The oldstream media is going to completely reverse course on Ron Paul...they already have to an extent....BUT

The Big Old Media Bias *BOMB* for Ron Paul is about to explode.

Why would the oldstream media reverse course and suddenly embrace Ron Paul with open arms?

SELF-PRESERVATION. The bottom line is $$$!

Dictatorships are not good for profit margins....

If Obama gets elected again, the media as we know it today will not exist. Their jobs are at stake...because if Obama wins in 2012, he will take over the media completely - internet included.

Alot of jobs, and alot of dollars are at stake.

I think alot of Big Whigs in the BIG Media outlets KNOW what's going on right now....these people probably didn't believe it 10 years ago, but the times they are a changing.

Lehman Bros. thought they were safe...and then the business was wiped out, consolidated into the system that is about to implode.

ABC News, FOX News, etc...they could all be consolidated into USA News Network - aka, UNN.

Do these BUSINESSES want to exist in another decade?

SELF-PRESERVATION...SURVIVAL will be the motivating factor behind the oldstream media's sudden embrace of Ron Paul?

Money talks. BS Walks...and goes out of business.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.