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Senator Durbin sneaks in Dietary Supplement Act just before Holiday


Senator Durbin’s bill, which will be introduced in Congress this week, is likely to be another example of burdensome and unnecessary legislation.

The staff of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has confirmed to ANH-USA that he plans to introduce new legislation this week—the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act—purportedly in response to the recent melatonin-filled “Lazy Cakes” brownie controversy we reported on recently.

The final bill is not yet available, but friends on Capitol Hill say the bill’s language is expected to include the following:

Enhanced FDA registration requirements: Companies will have to list the names of their products, the ingredients in those products, and provide a label to FDA as part of their registration submission.
Enhanced labeling requirements: FDA will require warning labels for certain products where the government decides there is risk of an adverse event (this to be determined through a risk review process with the Institute of Medicine), drug interactions (as with St. John’s Wort and antidepressants), or may be contraindicated for subpopulations like pregnant women. In addition, the precise weight or amount of the different dietary ingredients will have to be disclosed for products that are sold as proprietary blends, and product labels will have to include a batch number to help facilitate any possible recall.
Supplements vs. conventional foods with food additives: FDA will need to publish guidance about the definition of “conventional food” so that legitimate dietary supplements can be differentiated from products like Lazy Cakes. This is intended to prevent a food producer from falsely labeling it a supplement.
Read more at http://www.anh-usa.org/dietary-supplement-labeling-act-anh-u...

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Pharmaceuticals kill over 100k per year

Pharmaceuticals kill over 100,000 people per year not to mention the untold side effects. BUT they go after supplements because supplements actually heal and don't just treat symptoms. AND the pharm industry can't make tons of money patenting them. The FDA does not work for us, they work for the pharmaceutical industry who is the biggest lobbyist in Washington.
This is one of the reasons Ron Paul is MY MAN!


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

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Any of these have anything do do with that?

These were his 2010 donors. Most appear to be law firms (probably the ones that want to sue these supplement companies is my guess) Lol


1 Simmons Cooper LLC
2 Kirkland & Ellis
3 Citigroup Inc
4 Clifford Law Offices
5 UAL Corp
6 CME Group
7 SNR Denton
8 Paul, Weiss et al
9 Thornton & Naumes
10 Corboy & Demetrio
11 MacAndrews & Forbes
12 University of Chicago
13 State of Illinois
14 Comcast Corp
15 Korein Tillery LLC
16 Mayer Brown LLP
17 Sidley Austin LLP
18 Motorola Inc
19 Kasowitz, Benson et al
20 Baron & Budd

This summary makes the bill look rather harmless.

Some of the labeling requirements actually do serve our interests. I like the nutrition labels on food.

Of course, with the FDA being corrupt as it is, it's no surprise to me that it lets food companies label a product as having 0 grams trans fat, even when the second ingredient is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

And I expect they will be telling us certain herbs are life-threatening when they aren't, just to scare off buyers and strangle the supplement companies.

Well, I do not like it. In

Well, I do not like it. In the part about the proprietary blends, some of the labels would have to be bigger than the product. I KNOW it would with Jack LaLane's vitamin liquid..but I noticed now many products in grocery stores to not have an expiration date! Bought two today, one was hummus and one was a sausage with habanaros and Monterrey jack cheese. Both should have had one..wonder what is up with that?