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New from Glenn Beck

GBTV coming soon.
I know many of us do not see eye to eye with Beck,
but I think more and more he is coming around to
Ron Paul's way of thinking.
Check out his new Premiere trailer at GBTV.
I think he deserves our support.
In turn we may well get his support. He has a big following
and now that he is no longer part of FOX news that could
be very good for the liberty movement.


Your thoughts?

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Talk to the hand. =;

Talk to the hand. =;

Support Alex Jones instead

like Jones or not, it is clear that he's been in line with libertarian, Paulian views more than any other significant media personnel out there. Beck is only shifting where he sees the support and popularity (he used to be Bush fanatic, then he softened up on that, then became more libertarian ( I remember on his radio show once when a gay caller called in, and Beck said that everyday he's becoming more and more a "libertarian" and supporting Paul), and now he tries to talk about the "puppet masters" who are really in control of things behind the scenes, yet Beck only dabbles the surface while Jones has been getting to the core (federal reserve, corporatism) for MANY MORE YEARs.

Alex Jones will be airing his own television operation on September 1st, very siilar to Beck's. I say, support Jones instead (though if you sign up for Jones you might be put on a terror watch list, so be careful, lol).

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Aviod him like the plauge.

He is an Israeli firster, and would shoot Ron in the back at the most opportune time. I saw what he did to Debora Medina's campaign over the 911 issue. For the love of Paul, don't try and curry this demons favor. He is Neo-Con Tea-O-con approved.


Glenn Beck is going to do whatever keeps him relevant. Whatever the flavor of the day is he'll promote. Never trusted him and I never will.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

I think Rush is starting to come around to Ron Paul also

(Sarcasm off) But neither Beck nor Rush will ever back Dr. Paul so please take this to Redstate.com as Beck has already put his support behind Perry, so I am not sure that promoting him on this site makes any sense at all????? Should we post things about Acorn if they start ardently defending the first amendment? Beck is a snake in the grass, a false profit that is playing the heart strings of statist Christians and is one of the most forked tongued among the fake liberty lovers. To promote him is counter productive because if he is so awake then he would be Ron Paul 24/7, and instead he rubs elbows with the neo conservative base. If you cant see that "yet" I am sorry, this is not to attack you, it is simple reality that he has shown himself to be a fake, to trick good people into supporting the status quo.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

Glenn Beck doesn't have the

Glenn Beck doesn't have the balls to act on what he preaches. He TALKS about the constitution but then supports Bachmann who will shat on the Constitution in order to push her faith or prosecute the war on terror.

I have defended Beck numerous times - not anymore. The guy just lost me.


GB doesnt have balls period. I think he hates gays because he's afraid he may be one. but then again you need a pair to be attractive to other gay men i assume, can a Unic be gay? lol srry just wanted a good laugh

Glenn Beck

Can stay in Israel for all I care.

Let him ward off the coming "Muslim Caliphate" from there.


What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose; the right to create for
yourself the alternative of choice. Without the responsibility and exercise
of choice a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing.
-- Archibald Macleish

He is a CON MAN !

Get it through our head. Where is Glen Today , Worshiping the new messiah in Israel. Carrying Israel's water.

for all of you who post

that glenn beck doesnt see eye to eye

or because he isnt 100% aligned with us

i think you have severe mental deficiencies

you think that because Glenn Beck disagrees with Ron Paul on a number of his positions, that is Glenn's biggest problem?

what a joke.

Glenn Beck has some serious problems. Where he stands on the issues is the least of them.

wake the hell up.

Wow there Cowboy.

I was neutral on GB up until last week when he came on the radio, much like Rush Limbaugh [whom I also used to listen to since 1989], and trashed Ron Paul. I will not watch GB TV, I dont listen to GB radio anymore. I am done with GB and not because he does not agree with RP on all of his policies, but because, he bad mouthed RP last week. Its one thing to not agree with RP's ideas, completely another to trash someone. Unacceptable. You go watch GB TV, you have the freedom and liberty to do so, I wont be tuning in.

He didn't trash him.

He said he was "wrong" to not vocally condemn Iran. Saying someone is wrong about something is not trashing them. He also said he was right about lots of things. That's hardly "trashing" him.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

read my post below this one,

read my post below this one, which is marked 3 minutes before yours, i am in agreement with you

Im typing this from a tiny

Im typing this from a tiny keyboard remotely. lets see if I can make this more clear.

glenn beck's biggest problems are not his politics. his biggest problems are that he is a lying, immature piece of garbage.

a person can fix their wrong politics.

a person of Glenn's age cant fix his severely broken principles.

But Glenn Beck doesn't agree 100% with everything Dr. Paul says!

We can't stand for that!!! It's just plain WRONG for someone in the public eye to state disagreement with Ron Paul! Everyone who isn't lockstep agreement with DR. Paul is a mortal enemy and probably from the New World Order!!!

Beck Can't Make Up His Mind

Whether to be "on the wagon" or "off the wagon".

He's been on and off the wagon for years.

................................time to sober up and get real.

Save Americas Modern Day Constitution, get real and vote Ron Paul 2012.

He's been on and off the wagon for years.

................................time to sober up and get real.

Save Americas Modern Day Constitution, get real and vote Ron Paul 2012.

Beck Disappointed Me

I've been listening to Glenn Beck regularly for the past year and was impressed at the founding fathers series. He brought on David Barton who has the largest collection of original writings and letters from the founders. Very interesting shows. But I have to admit I am very unhappy with what he did Friday after the Ames Iowa debate. When he played a small piece of the exchange between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum on the 1979 Iran hostage situation and then proceeded to say Santorum was right (he left out What Dr. Paul said to Santorum on 1953 CIA coup to put in the Shah of Iran), I was very distressed. I've been watching the media black out Ron Paul in the past and over a single weekend, those that are guilty of it shone for all to see. It was but a brief moment but we saw them. I was very saddened that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh also did it too. It has totally opened my eyes and I am distressed to know that the only avenue we have is the internet. Now we see the Super Congress is being represented by those chosen with major special interests attached and I am just distressed. I feel like we've lost our votes, our media, our Constitution. It's going to take a LOT of work to get our rights back. I'm also beginning to see how Israel is in better shape if we didn't subsidize foreign nations nor pick sides in these neverending wars. We can still support Israel if we weren't in all these wars that are helping to bankrupt us. We really need to take care of our own house before we can help others. If we have a dollar collapse, we won't be able to help anyone and that includes Israel.

GB is a flip flopping weirdo

GB is a flip flopping weirdo of the highest order and thinks he is going to bring in the rapture by attacking Iran. He is as disturbed in his theology as Bachmann who basically believes the same thing. Look at the authors she claims have heavily influenced her. Scary if she could actually win. I picture her and her limp wristed husband praying over the hotline for Jesus to give them the go ahead to push the button. All of GB's supporters will vote for whoever he votes for.......simply put......they are a bunch of tards.

Can use each other

GB gets ratings via RP appearances

RP gets exposure

Heck, this is what RP has been doing for decades.

BTW: GB is Mormon. GB was a failing zoo morning personality, when his wife got he to become a Mormon in late 1999. The "next day" (according to Beck), the Mormons helped GB launch The Glenn Beck Program. And the rest is history. So, ultimately, he'll back his fellow Mormons: Mitt Romney and Huntsman.

He has too or risk being ostracized by the LDS.



The one thing keeping Beck down

Foreign Policy

He believes, and rightly so, that Iran wishes to destroy Israel and the U.S. He believes that we need to keep Iran from the possibility of obtaining nukes and starting nuclear WWIII.

Other than that, he believe in EVERYTHING ELSE Ron Paul has to say.

What we need to do is explain our positions on foreign policy. We need to make sure it's respectful though. Not a "schooling" but rather show him our point of view.

If we explain these points, he MAY come around.

#1 You can believe 1 of 2 things about Iran's nuclear capabilities. Either that Iran is CLOSE to getting nukes and our sanctions and interfering haven't worked so we should just stop. Or, that Iran is a poor country like the rest of the Middle East and really has no chance of getting nukes at this point.

#2 Even if they get a nuke, what are we supposed to do? We can bomb them to oblivion, which really doesn't fit with our values and defeats the purpose of trying to stop the nuke in the first place. Or we can go in and overthrow their government, again, and have a third nation building project. Or we could simply let them be and choose their own fate.

#3 What does occupying the world get us? Peace? Maybe to an extent. But what it really gets us is hatred and makes us an easy target. Osama bin Laden said himself that he's attacking us because we're over there, and he was glad that we came over to "his sand" because that makes it really easy for them. Why didn't they attack the British or the French? Because they aren't the ones who occupy the majority of the Middle East. Not to mention the economic impact it creates. We are spending billions to be in countries around the world while at the same time, our troops are putting money into these countries economies.

#4 How does telling the world what to do get us? Again, it breeds hatred and contempt towards the U.S. We don't get anywhere and it completely goes against our American values of freedom. How can we say that we're a free country when we don't allow others to be free?

#5 We need to stop all the wars. War is the most terrible thing in the world. It doesn't get us anything good. All we get is death and destruction. The world ends up littered with bodies and the past century has included many of our own. Again, not to mention the trillions of dollars we spend waging war. And, we are hypocrites. We tout the anti-war stance, yet, we seem to be the first ones willing to jump in.

#6 The most substantial piece of evidence to stop interfering: Vietnam. What happened when we left Vietnam and started trading with them? They became fairly westernized. They are now a trading partner of ours and are considered friendly. Iran used to have a decent democracy but they wouldn't give us the oil we wanted. So what did we do? We overthrew their government and installed a dictator. If we just would have not interfered with Iran, we wouldn't be in this situation. It's time to stop the madness.

TV? That's so 20th Century.

I do think it's funny that an add for Glenn Beck TV is posted in the "liberty" forum.

Thanks for sharing, but Glenn Beck is a 50,000,000 dollar PAYtriot. No thank ya!

Besides, he wouldn't want a "terrorist" like me watching his theater err... show anyway.

MaMaMaMax Headroom

Who needs him?

He is irrelevant soon to be invisible.

I have never trusted Glen

I have never trusted Glen Beck, nor will I ever. He is a liar and a political prostitute. Anyone that still believes in GB is a chump.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Beck will NEVER support a

Beck will NEVER support a candidate that is not ready, willing and able to go to war for Israel, including a preemptive attack, Never,PERIOD!
Beck deserves our support? Last I heard from Beck, "if the election were held today I'd have to vote for Bachmann."

He won't let go of israel and our supposed need to protect them

He is clueless. Only thing I liked about him was when he was on fox he at least talked about things that others were not. He helped wake some people up BUT then put them back to sleep by screaming PROTECT ISRAEL every chance he could.

He is like bachmann, sure they are ALMOST there but still would end up being worse for our movement than ever.

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Mr. Beck is NOT coming around....

To Ron Paul's way of thinking and never will.
He is, and always will be a gate keeper.