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New from Glenn Beck

GBTV coming soon.
I know many of us do not see eye to eye with Beck,
but I think more and more he is coming around to
Ron Paul's way of thinking.
Check out his new Premiere trailer at GBTV.
I think he deserves our support.
In turn we may well get his support. He has a big following
and now that he is no longer part of FOX news that could
be very good for the liberty movement.


Your thoughts?

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Seriously, how many times do

Seriously, how many times do people have to be stabbed in the "Beck" before they'll stop falling for it?

no kidding

shocked not really because look how easy it is for fox to fake out millions each day.

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Glenn Beck

Stated that Sarah Palin COULD BE the next "GEORGE WASHINGTON" when someone says something like that, they cease to exist to me. And as a "Libertarian" he sure wouldn't mind if we sacrificed oursevles for Israel. He is a fraud of the tallest order


no doubt about it... turn him OFF!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

That piece of sh*t Beck

Professes to be a Libertarian but then torpedoes the ONLY true, conservative Libertarian candidates. Beck is NOT the Messiah!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

Glenn is NOT our friend.

I've been involved in this campaign since 2007 and believe me, Glenn Beck is no friend of the revolution.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I can see what he's doing.

"Glenn, you're dangerous".
Emotional propaganda is dangerous. (and good actually)
Devotion is scary. Thankfully the veil is thin.
Clarify as needed me thinks.
With an incredibly irritating voice. :P

You don't have to totally trust Glenn...

To notice that he's waking up in his own way. When Glenn Beck endorses Ron Paul, we'll all throw him a party. But yes, as usual.....not everyone has to agree with each other as that is what makes us a republic.

Another Contest...

Don't get in a "pissin" contest with a skunk - you're gonna loose...


Don't kozy up to a skunk you're gonna come out smelling bad...

Thanks but... no thanks.

I would probably overdose on the Dramamine I would have to take to control my nausea. I can't stomach watching him for more than 5 minutes.

I think he's a fraud and is working to undermine the Liberty and Truth movements.

On the other hand if he apologizes to Ron Paul and his supporters and tells the truth about 9/11 I might reconsider watching a segment or two. Until then I'll keep on supporting Alex Jones, the man he is attempting to imitate.

Just one humble man's opinion.



"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

One can only hope.

I'm no fan of my intelligence undergoing a through rape-down.
It's hard to have a narrow perspective now.
Almost like martians.
Iunno. With sufficient angry policing, might be small enough to push around. We'll see.
He is malleable, that we know quite well.

I will support Glenn Beck

when he supports Ron Paul.
...Or when pigs fly out of his butt.
...Whichever comes first.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Yes he's back, ever the entertainer....

Glenn Beck is ever the entertainer.
That is just how I see him.

I would hope the campaign reaches out to Beck and gets him to endorse Ron Paul, by reading up on Rick Perry's background.

Rick Perry was once a democrat and none of these types even know that reality. I can tell that Beck really has come around, in his own way. He stands with the people of Israel rather than the corrupt governments unnecessarily.

I would hope that Dr. Paul uses it as an opportunity to engage the audience, speak very clearly about how we need the Middle East to be strong - and that means cutting off Foreign Aid to all these out of touch regimes.

Doctor Paul can give a speech about how a strong Israel, Egypt & Turkey means allowing them to handle their own issues without the USA's heavy handed Foreign Aid or U.N.

I would hope that Beck is more a post-Zionist than anything specific finally. The Campaign could always promise to add Pailin to the administration since she can be managed now....whereas Ms. Bachmann can NEVER cross over.

Bachmann is one special kind of Theo/Democratic crook I have to tell you!

Let's see...HHHMMMMM, on the

Let's see...HHHMMMMM, on the one hand we have multiple YEARS of walking the walk instead of just offering lip service and in this hand we have...we have....we have...a BECK.

OH Waiter, bring me my daily dose of PAUL, please.

Im throwing this out there,

Im throwing this out there, but what if Ron's campaign staff was behind getting Ron on Glenn Beck's final episode and not actually Glenn's idea?

Beck is only out for himself

He might pay lip service to RP's ideas from time to time but when push comes to shove he will support establishment Republicans every time.

Personally, I think GB is mentally ill.

I also think his narcissism makes it painful for him to acknowledge that Ron Paul is the one who woke him up (and continues to wake him up). He cannot share the spotlight. He wants credit for those ideas.

His zionism is pathological in origin, in my opinion.

what he said !!

so sorry - meant this as a response to post below

Beck would sell his children

Beck would sell his children for Israel. He would force people to pay for Israel's wars of agression. He would see America fall, before he would allow a dime to be cut from Israel's welfare check. I don't trust people like that.

Rather than a tool

I would say that Glenn is severely handicapped by psychological problems. These make him very emotional and unpredictable. So I DO believe he believes what he is saying at the moment he says it. But I don't think he has the mental or emotional capacity to hold a CORE philosophy. "Fragile" is the word that always comes to mind when I watch him. He always seems to me to be one baby step short of a breakdown.

I think this new venture is a very sharp and interesting thing to do. I ALSO thing that a GOOD deal of his fan base is not "internet savvy" (i.e. they are old fogies) and he may not get the response he is hoping for. He doesn't quite know what he wants to be.... a political analyst.... an editorialist.... a religious preacher... and I think his new website reflects this uncertainty. We shall see.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Don't Call Us Fogies

Don't call us old fogies, you young whipper snapper, LOL
I think your comments on Beck are evident when watching him though. He does seem to have some type of emotional psychological problems. I know he had talked at length about some alcohol problems in the past. I don't hold that against anyone, but it usually is a sign of a deeper emotional or insecurity issue. Its clear his show was cancelled and there may be more going on with him than we know.

I can use the term "old fogies"..... because I are one!

Have a happy 4th truxtonc

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Ok, That's Cool

You have a good 4th too.

Glenn Beck is a tool.....

And a tool, only. He is NOT a patriot, by any sense of the imagination, nor does he care what happens to America. His entire being is about Glenn Beck, and Glenn Beck alone.

As for his "acceptance" of Ron Paul, this is another FALSE front and he is only waiting to torpedo Dr. Paul's chance at the nomination. Hmmm, think about it, gives up a lucrative career with Faux Noise to "do the Oprah thing" in TEXAS!! Is that the ONLY reason?

Wake the f- up, people! Perry puts his attack dog (Beck) on Debra to deny Texas the chance to have a decent Governor and now mysteriously moves to Texas just as perry "needs" him for his prez run. Sound fishy yet?? What do you suppose Beck was promised?

I will never trust Beck, PERIOD! He is a snake and a couple of other terms that I cannot iterate here. HE is NOT a "Libertarian" nor a "libertarian" he is a straight up Nazi and a communist. Mix in the term globalist and you don't have a very honorable person.

Beck has "awoken" many to HIS spin on the issues and misled his followers in the process. Why did he not take up some of the other issues that we all hold near and dear? Why does he only tell half the truth on the ones that he does cover? He has demonized Soros, Obama, Ayres and dozens of others but NOT Perry, Palin, Huckabee nor any of the rest of the "Republican" field this term. How about the CFR? How about the Trilateral Commission? Bilderbergers? IMF? I can go on and on. His peeps think they have the truth from his few years of banter and diatribe but MANY of us have studied this stuff for nearly 20 years and STILL learn new stuff every day! Either I am extremely stupid (very well may be the case) or there are some really sharp Beck supporters out there that have amazingly keen insights and can learn this stuff MUCH faster!

I will NOT "support" someone that I know is lying to and/or deliberately misleading people. BECK IS! His motivation is to fleece YOU out of a subscription fee to watch his b.s. and help perry to Obama's chair! Obama = perry, perry = Obama. Plain and simple. Remember "W"? Who left perry in charge of Texas? He (perry) has not been re-elected by the people of Texas, he is a product of the voting machine manipulation. Want more wars, more empire building, a WORSE economy, and a continuance to the NWO? Vote for perry. He will have us broke and sold out to the bankers (his "handlers") before you can spin around! Beck is there to HELP!

WAKE UP, People!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

I'd like to hear Beck address

I'd like to hear Beck address the USS Liberty incident from the late 60's. Israel deliberately attacked a United States naval vessel in the Mediterranean, trying to sink it as quickly as possible with all crew members lost. This is well documented and almost beyond question. Even those in the Johnson White House knew what this was all about, although they played ignorant in public, accepting the Israeli explanation of a mistake in identifying the ship as American. Israel attempted a false flag. They wanted the U.S. to blame Egypt and enter the war.

Yet according to Beck, Israel is are closest friend and ally. While addressing this issue on the 9-12 blog with Jared Law, I might as well have been discussing nuclear fission. The best he could do was attack the BBC which produced the video I linked too, saying that i was a fool to trust the BBC. When I mildly pointed out that he should watch the interviews with crew members and view declassified White House memos from the era, he simply ignored me... as did all the other sheep.

I think Glenn has woken up

I think Glenn has woken up significantly since his days at CNN.

It's difficult to forget what he did to Medina and sometimes to forget some of the bad things he has said about Ron Paul supporters in the past.

It does seem that he has come a long way towards our side, towards RP style views.

Great that Beck says he is all for the Constitution. But very disappointing that while saying he supports the Constitution he then recommends unconstitutional actions (such as spending your tax dollars defending Israel instead of insisting that the people of Israel defend themselves). Beck should be more concerned about America first, not Israel.

I do understand his concern about Israel, at least somewhat. Israel is probably the one country that has someone with their finger over the launch button at all times. If they were going down they would probably try to take as many others as possible with them, which would result in a terrible disastrous war. Defending Israel probably prevents that from happening, but that is also the catch/snag that we will end up being their defenders, their sugar daddy, forever (maybe how they want it).

Regarding GBTV, this is basically exactly what I had been expecting him to do (I posted about it in another thread back in April). Beck grew this huge audience but ran into a lot of trouble with sponsors due to talking about what he believed. Many of his viewers love the guy. Moving to his own media platform at a time when his audience is at a peak is a great move. I think what he needs to do is get connected with as many of his viewers as quickly as possible. Whether that be via an email newsletter, facebook, twitter, etc, etc. He needs to retain contact with his huge audience. Then he needs to pull them in as paid subscribers. This is where I think he might be doing it wrong. A few days ago you couldn't see anything unless you joined. Now at least they have his first vid posted. They need to draw people in with sample content. Anyhow, I'll leave it at that but will also say that if he pulls it off Beck will end up very rich and owning his own media network. We can probably expect him to recruit additional media talent as well if he has any traction in getting paid subscribers.

I hope he does well as I do think he helps to wake people up, even if not fully awake it is better than nothing. I remain a bit suspicious of him at the same time.

I also agree with the other comment about the free spread of info online. Beck won't be able to compete with all the other info out there but he will be able to compete on presentation, which is what will draw in subscribers.


You're wrong about his views on Isreal.

He doesn't advocate that the U.S. defend Israel. He advocates that the U.S. government not protect Israel. He LIKES Israel a lot and supports them defending themselves. But that's as far as it goes. Watch starting at 7:30, where he explains that when he says he stands with Israel he's not talking about supporting U.S. fighting their wars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxxBuNWKgZQ&feature=related

Why Isreal over any other Nation?

What makes them so special. Why don't we stand with Cambodia or Iceland ETC.... I watched the whole video and it just seemed wrong when he went into the Isreal Part. I explained in my earlier post what I thought and I'm sticking to it.

"The more you understand everything, the more you can understand anything."


It has to do with religion and to understand American's views on things like this, you have to understand Christianity.

The Bible says that those nations who do not come to the aid of Israel in their time of aid will not receive the blessings of God.


All he merely has to do is publicly endorse RP and that will settle that issue. Of course if he does he will never work again unless RP gets elected lol