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Does Michigan even count?

Forgive my political ignorance, I have just recently gotten into politics and am trying my best to play catch-up on how all this stuff works but it seems all I hear about is Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, does my state even matter? I mean I've had my "boots on the ground" the past 4 months or so, converted quite alot of people but really it seems like MI isn't one of those "key states" and no one really cares, so I'm just wondering should I be focusing my energies somehwere else? How does all this work, MI is a pretty big state I would think it would one of the more important one's but it seems not to be the case. Can anyone enlighten me more. Thanks.

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All great comments, and great questions!

Yes Michigan matters! The reason the focus is on New Hampshire and Iowa, are because their states are the first in the primary season. And because people are sheep, if candidates do well in early primary states, it's a good signal to the rest of the nation who they should be watching. People in ALL states are greatly important, and VERY needed! We need delegates all over! We need donors all over! And most importantly, we need passionate individuals like yourself out there spreading the word! :)


Michigan is a great example

Michigan is a great example of a state in need of urgent CHANGE.

The political slogan, "Workers of the world, unite!" is one of the most famous rallying cries of communism, found in The Communist Manifesto (1848), by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

But Michigan, Detroit in particular cannot get out of the Teamsters mud.

What's wrong with Michigan? The same thing that's wrong with the other 49 States.....we don't PRODUCE or MANUFACTURE products anymore because UNION wages have driven American companies overseas.

$40 an hour plus health benefits for someone who works on an assembly line? Low skilled labor making more than twice as much as the everage Joe nowadays?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I would also add CEO's

that run companies like a private empire running them into the ground while padding their own pockets. Management got trendy and hired Business grads with bean counter degrees replacing CEO's who came up through the ranks and knew the company,products and customers.

Good workers that won't get rid of the dead weight because they are union brothers. A Government that looks for every opportunity to interfere, control or tax profits, (gotta get their fingers in the pie). Consumers that have forsaken quality and value for cheap, cheap, cheap and designed obsolescent that made consumers say "why pay more these products all last the same amount of time."

It is a vicious cycle and looking in only one area is a mistake in my opinion.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

It is not the geography, it

It is not the geography, it is the individuals. Keep converting. We need all the minds we can awaken.

Sure Michigan counts

Imagine the headlines if RP makes it a race in Willard(Mitt) Romney's home state, where his daddy was Governor.

Well, at some point every

Well, at some point every state will matter. As a fellow Michigander, I often see and hear from many Paulians and converts.

If you think about it Michigan is a great place to convert people because of how wretched our economy has been. The only part I always have trouble with is how in love with unions everyone is.

If you don't work in a union yourself, I bet someone in the family does...and that's always a hard point to talk about. Take for example Gov. Snyders tough cuts on education, people are fuming over it even though it's necessary. This is coming from someone who has a GF that's a teacher. She doesn't know if she will have a job next year now, and if she does it will be part time and will have major cuts in benefits as well. But unfortunately I, as well as many others saw this coming. But it's still tough for someone to go through.

Just keep up the good work. Every person counts. Think about the fundraising as well. Every person you convert Is another addition to a money bomb!

Hey Ckozlgod, I hear you on

Hey Ckozlgod, I hear you on the teacher thing, my aunt, my sister-in-law and my cousin are all teachers and oh boy do they think they walk on water and deserve every penny and perk they get. When I point out that they make twice or even 3times what I make they always say "Well did you go to college for four years" and I say "No, but did you spend 4yrs in the Army, 1 of which was spent as a peacekeeper in Haiti", boy, do they ever get mad when I say that. I know a few Big 3 Auto workers too and it's just like you say, anywhere else they'd be making $9 an hour for what they do and yet they think they're not making enough.

RP: "My first name is Ron and my last name is Paul"

SP: "Wow, you have two first names. Nobody is going to elect 'Ricky Bobby' for President."

RP: "Do you care about anything important?"

SP:"One time I killed a moose and took a picture with it."