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Campaign Idea - Paul-Stock!!!

Think about it - the Rally for the Republic was such a massive success, what if the Ron Paul campaign, or even just the supporters, massed a show of strength and organized our own version of Woodstock somewhere in the center of the country?

Preferably in an important state...like, oh, I don't know, Iowa? My friend Brittany came up with the idea, and I am simply spreading it to get some feedback from the #1 Ron Paul 2012 community on the web; let me know!

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=596957968 - Brittany

http://www.facebook.com/kyleo85 - Me

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This already happens every

This already happens every year. Make it a priority next year if you can't make it this time.


I love the idea!

We just have to make it big enough to send the right messege. Also this time around I think anything this large shiuldmhave SOME kind of campaign approval and involvement. It just makes things seem a bit more legit to the MSM and the border-line supporters if it's a bit more structured.

-Ron Paul 2012-

Looking for people active in the DC/Alexandria, VA area!


Some sort of rally or festival might be a good idea, but any play on "woodstock" (such as Paul-stock or Ron-stock) should probably be avoided, as it may be a turn off to conservatives, especially older conservatives.

lets do it los angeles so i

lets do it los angeles so i can attend : )


Sounds great!

WELL, they were

going to do a Ron Paul Freedom Rally on the 25th of June at the Capitol building, but it was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.

Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines is available on SEPT 24th?! :) (at least according to the website event calendar)

BUT, I think it would be much better to have it outside, in the open, where everyone can see the support! Huge masses of people, listening to music and speeches, waving signs and banners!

I think it is a GREAT idea, to show people just HOW MANY of us there are (and that are WILLING TO travel to be there in support of Ron Paul)....I can't imagine anyone would be that motivated to travel half-way across the country to see floppy Mittens!

And while we're there, we can hold a GIANT MONEY BOMB, for those that couldn't attend!


On September 24th I will be voting for Ron Paul--

in the Presidency 5 Republican Party of Florida Straw Poll in Orlando!

But I would love to go to a Ron-Stock rally, too!

Ann in Florida

technically not a new idea

I attended RONSTOCK at the Iowa Straw poll in '07. Not a bad idea.

Rally for the Republic 2.0

No I like the sound of that. It was the closing statement on the last campaign and launced C4L. Would be a nice event to kick this cycle off.

no offense.... "Paul Stock" is a stupid title

I don't want it to have any relation to "woodstock"...an abomination to society which occurred in the 60s. Great music...disgusting crowd.


LOL, jk. :)


It's just an idea in its infancy

The title isn't set in stone, I'm just trying to get feedback for this fledgling idea that was literally born a few hours ago!

No offense, Clark, but you

No offense, Clark, but you are dead wrong. Not about the music, though.