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Are We Free and Indepenendent America?

Are we free and independent America? Just recently the POTUS said on national TV that it didn't matter if the Libyan war was constitutional because we were obligated under NATO treaty and UN mandate to act. Is not the constitution the supreme law of the land?

Are we free and independent America? The executive and legislative branches of the federal government, filled with self aggrandizing sycophants, for decades have obligated the citizens to trillions of dollars of debt to foreign countries while Americans were watching football.

Are we free and independent America? 95 year old ladies and infants have to get porno scans or groped in order to travel. Do you ever really own property, or do we just pay for rent?

Are we free and independent America? Why are we asked to commit our sons and daughters to police the world, maintaining 750 military bases in 130 countries? Are we free to choose what we put in our bodies, or is it possible that one can serve a life sentence for selling and smoking a plant?

Are we free and independent America, or do we have the highest rate of incarceration in the world?
So as we fire up the pits and slam down the BBQ, let us remember those that have spilled blood on this land to secure our freedoms as individuals, if they would approve of the issues previously mentioned.

Are we still free and independent, or are our founding fathers rolling in their graves? Have we and are we becoming serfs?

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