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Ron Paul's visit to the Conway Daily Sun

Ron Paul stopped by the Conway Daily Sun on Friday, July 1, to discuss his bid for the 2012 GOP nomination.




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Thanks for updating!

watching now =)

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Great find cyndezu , this interview is really good

he is so relaxed, and allowed to give many detailed answers!


is there a part 3??

I was looking for part 3 but haven't found it yet...

great interview!!

This is good to share

Anyone with the idea he's crazy should listen to this one. It's a very calm and reasoned conversation. One of the best.

I wonder if there's a part III?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Mods here is part 3!!

there it is...

thk u for posting.

I really like how relaxed this interview is.

It's a refreshing change from broadcast interviews.

good one. thanks. great one

good one. thanks. great one on one discussion.

here is part 2 ...good interview,

lots of difficult questions answered here!

Please add to main thread!

any luck with part II?

any luck with part II?