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Letter: Paul stands up for the Constitution * Posted July 5, 2011 at 12:04 a.m.

Why is Dr. Ron Paul so frequently termed "an isolationist, extreme, fringe or marginal candidate"? An isolationist refuses any alliances, foreign trade or economic commitments, or international agreements. Paul is simply against pre-emptive aggression since it is the way of all dictatorships. He is against building bridges in other countries, while our country can't afford our own new bridges. What's wrong with voting only the Constitution? Why is the next sentence so frequently to remind voters that this is his third run for the presidency or that he would be the oldest president inducted into office? Why not mention that he was the only candidate endorsed by Ronald Reagan and that it took Reagan a third bid before becoming president and that the Republican leadership also opposed Reagan?


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Bump.....Seems the neo-liberals have hit the blog real hard!!

These neocons are a trip.....they appear to be the biggest Obama supporters out there!!!

Here they now claim Ron Paul said social security, taxes, and food safety would all be thrown out & he's a nut.

Next time some voter tells you "Well...Bachmann does not sound that bad, she favors small government." ask them if they would vote for a pig who agrees with Obama!!! Bachmann agrees with Obama, she voted in FAVOR of the Bailouts & that's how cushy they all are!

Don't insult

Bachmann supporters or any other candidate's just politely explain to them why Ron Paul is the best choice for a limited government supporter. I highly reccomend this video to sell ron paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_shEnY_lcQI

Great job...neocons are on the run!

Their very last resort they were pushed to sink to...was claiming Ron Paul will deregulate and destabilize the entire health care industry if you can believe it!

These people are really big on Obama. Check out the comments...Keep up the education!

Remember when talking to neocons, always keep bringing back up the point that Ron Paul is part of "the new american center", because he doesn't want to touch your foruth amendment, believes a man's home is his castle, will do nothing to take away your gun rights, privacy rights or free speech..because that isn't the government's role!

He simply wants the Federal Government to stop its micro-management of your life! States for as far back as we remember, have been great keepers of granting freedom.

The Fed isn't needed to always intercede in state affairs..

The new american center supports freedom, unlike King Obama. It supports limited government within the constitution. We are to the right of Obama's far-flung socialist state, the only candidate who can beat Obama is Ron Paul!

Because States trump Federal Law every time, and we who stand behind it...are who reign in the States power.

(Doug Wead needs to write *that* speech for the Dr...)

Awesome advice

You should post that in a thread of its own. We really need to be on our best behavior at this time. We need to set a good example.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

History does not repeat...Could use a few comments

nt ..

Sometimes you have a point...sometimes..