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Me Vs. PoliSci Teacher. on fascist ideals, that are against everything America is suposed to be.

me: Levon Avakian
teacher: Jason Uranga
teacher's pet: that ignoramaous named leon castllnos

here's the status posted by my teacher(I HATE TO CALL HIM THAT BECAUSE I CAN TEACH HIM A THING OR TWO.)

"Ok I had a dream last nite that Rand Paul and I had an intense discussion of the appropriate size and role of the fed govt....I'm scaring myself now"

MY ANSWER; and the storm that came after..."Levon Avakian rand probably won lol"

David Jason Uranga He's extreme...the more i read about him, the better i feel about rejecting his extremism.....yuck
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Levon Avakian
I understand the fact that you're a political science teacher, and not a history, economics,or sociology expert;Therefore I cannot expect you to understand that all of these subjects are interwoven. I would, however encourage you to speak t...o Armenians who have lived under the USSR,through communism through the mid 20th century and ask them, hey is this a system you'd recommend? having lived through it and emigrated to the states their hungry asses would tell you to stay as far away from your marxist ideals as possible because a nation cant possibly support such an absurd idea.See More
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Leon Castellnos Thank god we ain't armenians. Lol
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Leon Castellnos I always laugh. Its call sarcasm. Lmao
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Levon Avakian how dare you make fun of a people's suffering as if it is a joke. Ignorant people like yourself have no place in intellectual conversations. So from here on, I wil not address you Leon Castellnos. your are not on the same plane of thought. ignorance is bliss enjoy yourself.
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Leon Castellnos Lmao. Sure will. Keep reading.
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Leon Castellnos P.S. Levon Avakian, don't feel special. I make fun of everybody the same.

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leon, these 2 are minor league and dishonest

dummies, but great practice for you. I look forward to seeing your development as a powerful advocate for liberty.

ye man these guys are bush

ye man these guys are bush league bro.(from taladega nights) hilarious


My political science teacher was very good at historical dates, names and such but it seemed he didn't really get to the heart of what our history was about. He even was working on a book about the 2008 election and I talked to him about Dr. Paul and he didn't even know who he was. Even though his campaign that election season was the fire that re-ignited the torch of liberty.

lol my teacher unfriended me

lol my teacher unfriended me today called me extreme and said good luck to you, i guess getting pwned wasnt his thing.

"Political science" degrees are pure BS

The only "political science" I give respect to are actual historians who prevent bias by examining many aspects of an event. Economics,and culture and war are KEY to understanding "politics".....therefore the "political science" professor is inferior and a moron!NEVER trust a person with a "political science" major....it just means they took the easy route to having a voice of authority in the "teacher " world.

Re Leon Castellnos

Re: Leon Castellnos

What the fool cannot learn, he laughs at, thinking that by his laughter he shows superiority instead of latent idiocy. – Marie Corelli

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

lol. keep educating.

lol. keep educating.