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Why I am a Libertarian

On a sad September day a broken country that once was strong and free got hit hard. You can hear her cries, thousands hurt, three thousand dead, Millions morn. You can see lady liberty shake her fist at the ones who wounded her. The people wanted justice, and demand their leaders to get it. But all the people got is unanswered questions and wars at first. Then they got their government spying on them, wire tapping their phones, searching their home/ businesses without warrants, cameras watching their every move in public, and putting their citizens that question them in watch list. Their government makes them carry an ID card that most states share the same computer system. Their government does this with no regard to her constitution, tells it people it does this to keep them safe, and if people do not understand they are not true patriots. But does it rely keep them safe or under control?

One of this countries founders Benjamin Franklin once said; “One who would temporary give up liberty for safety deserve nether.” Six year later, we are Billions in debt, and in two war searching for the ones who the government accuses who did that evil deed, and things seem bleak. But there was a Republican Congressman named Ron Paul from TX who was going to run for President. His message was get out of the two wars, bring back our military to our home country, stop spending so much money, eliminate the Federal Reserve, and most of all BRING BACK THE CONSTITUTION! His message was positive, and popular with people that believed in liberty. It started a peaceful revolution. But his party and the powerful media called him a racist, a nut, and his government even said that his supporters and him were terrorist. Ron Paul lost the Republican nod. But the Revolution survived and grew.

Now its almost 10 years later from that sad September day, and our Republic is on life support, Trillions in debt, in three wars, our constitution under attack, and unemployment/ underemployment is at near 20%. The good news is the REVOLUTION IS ALIVE AND WELL AND GROWING! More people are waking up, and our Republic got a few more revolutionary politicians. My question to you is are you going to be free and fight for liberty, or a slave to the government?

The Revolution Continues,
Matthew C Schutter

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