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Grassley: 'Very High Up' DOJ Officials in on ATF Gun Sting Project Gunrunner

Senior Justice Department officers were warned that plans to track guns to Mexican drug kingpins were doomed to failure, veteran Republican Sen. Charles Grassley has revealed in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV. And, he said, high-ranking members of the department were briefed on Operation Fast and Furious and Project Gunrunner as far back as October 2009. But Grassley says he does not want anyone to resign just yet until Congress has got to the bottom of the whole issue.


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I don't want them to resign

I don't want them to resign either. I want them to go to jail.


This needs to be a much bigger story than our controlled news media is making it. A lot of people think it goes all the way to Eric Holder (or higher). This could be a new Watergate if we had some investigative reporters in the country.

Jim Rogers

Straight up

Straight up

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Must make Grassley sick....

...To learn there is this type of collusion right at the top of the Federal government.

Your own government plotting to toss your 2nd/1st amendment out the door....This needs to lead right to the abolition of the entire ATF!!

It's not our own government

It's not our own government that is doing this. It is CRIMINALS in high positions. What they are doing is in violation of the law. It violates their oath the the US Constitution, and we are also speaking of thousands of felonies.

So don't fall for the idea that "the government" did this. It was CRIMINALS who violated their oaths, committed thousands of felonies which lead to several deaths. And, they did this for the express purpose of promoting the drive for more "gun control', which I believe makes it prosecutable under the RICO Act.

Obviously the Department of Justice could hardly prosecute this crime since it appears to include the Attorney General. The Congress needs to appoint a Special Prosecutor.