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Waking people up on the fourth!

Yesterday, my wife and kids and I joined our extended family for our annual Independence Day reunion. While we were there, we wore our RP T-shirts, and let people ask us questions. It was amazing how many people didn't have the first clue as to what RP is all about, but we did our best to educate them. Additionally, we gave away 12 copies of "Liberty Defined" to family members. In just a couple of hours, some of them were beginning to wake up! I asked them to read the book and then pass it along.

It was the most worthwhile thing I have ever done for Liberty on the Fourth of July!

God bless Ron Paul, and God bless America!

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Nice, how great that your extended

family was so open.

It was amazing how many people didn't have the first clue as to

what RP is all about...

THIS is what blows my mind as well. What does that tell us? No exposure in the mainstream - which is good (because we really don't want the mainstream involved - they are evil) but is also bad (because we need people to know the truth).

So, it's up to us...at least to ignite the spark and get people to do a bit of research.

Good job TJoe, I'm glad you had a friendly environment to share in...that is so important.

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+ 1

That's the spirit!

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