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George F. Will: Ron Paul Constitutionalist or Giuliani Cheerleader?

Any person who would make the following statement is the enemy of freedom. This man is no fool. He is a gatekeeper. A liar. An apologist. An operative.


Crime? How about 9/11, the crime of the century, pencil neck? So, I guess the 9/11 coverup was conservative, as well?

Welfare? What about the welfare of the responders and the victims' families?

Most successful episode of conservative governance in the past 50 years? Pretty bold statement? Not really. Operation Mockingbird was started 60 years ago, so, there's no debate. Most successful mobster is more like it.

"Implode"? Ooops. Didn't you mean to say, "collapse" ??

Oh, and ignore this clip...Lord Will hath spoketh.

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Brilliant !!


I agree 100% !!!

Sure, he may insert some truth every so often, but that doesn't change the fact that he's an Operation Mockingbird operative.




It's Conservative

to support a mobster. Georgie seems to approve of the crime scene evidence and human remains at Ground Zero being hauled away in a flash. Even if we were attacked by boogie men in caves, this was a crime scene worthy of extensive forensic analysis. Rudy should have stood up for the proper protocol.

3000 murders. No biggie.