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Just come home

Guaranteed to tick you off! Everyone needs to wake up.


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RP8, you have given the right title to your post, as Ron Paul has said about the troops - "Just come home". The war-mongers were liars from the beginning, it is an unjust war, in Iraq & Afghanistan, both of them had never attacked America.
In the video you posted we find what the $ystem does to it$ servants / soldiers, use them & dump them. But we got to have some humanity is us, the question arises - who is going to compensate for the homes & families destroyed by the U$ soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan ??
See on DP, video about Liars & honest soldiers,-


Interesting. I've never heard of this before. If they're trying to save money, maybe they can stop trying to run free helthcare for every vet for 5-10 years so the ones with real injuries can get what they need. Or maybe they could stop giving out cold hard cash for things like PTSD. I hope Dr. Paul can be successful in abolishing the VA and utilizing private, subsidized health benefits. At least civilian doctors aren't prone to torture.


like this are disturbing

It is so sad

How are troops are treated!

Thank you for posting

Shine the light !! I see Buyer was dumped in 2010. Whos next ????

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain