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Italian Protestors Face Attempted Murder Charges for Police Confrontation

A group of environmental protestors in the Italian Alps could face attempted murder charges as a result of a confrontation involving Italian police over a proposed high-speed rail tunnel connecting Italy and France.

The protest took place on Sunday near where the tunnel is being built, just outside the Alpine city of Turin. About 6,000 protestors from the "No TAV" movement (No to the High-Speed Train) engaged in a peaceful protests which turned into a violent confrontation with authorities, which left nearly 200 people injured and four protestors arrested. While these violent protests have, unfortunately, become more and more commonplace in Europe, largely as a reaction to austerity measures and corrupt governments, this is the first time attempted murder charges have been proposed. According to Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, the protestors were nothing more than "a group of thugs" looking to cause trouble, and wants the prosecution to push for attempted murder charges.

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