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Question: What can Pres. Paul do to stop the two-party monopoly?

Is there anything Ron Paul could do as POTUS to open up elections for 3rd (4th/5th/6th) party candidate? If he could take a position on this, we could gather some serious support from Americans that are sick of 'more of the same.'

Acording to Reason Magazine 80% of Americans would consider voting fora 3rd Party/Independent candidate:

Now we all know the process for a 3rd party candidate is nearly impossible even if 80% of the population wanted to vote that way, so what could a president do?

I talk to a lot of Independents in my hometown and this would be a great way to open the tent..

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stop the two-party monopoly

We need Proportional Representation!

All industrialized nations and hundreds of other states in the world have Proportional Representation voting. Only the US, Canada and England (but for how long?) lag behind with the undemocratic "winner take all" system.

Democrats and Republicans want our current "winner take all" system because they know a third party will never win an election in our present system - success is guaranteed for the two parties!

More voters would register for a third party if they knew their votes would count!
Let America become a true democracy.

Info: www.newvote.info.ms

Nothing; most of these laws,

Nothing; most of these laws, IIRC, are done at the state level. Even if there are laws at the federal level, Congress would have to repeal them.

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I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

First enforce the u.s. constitution as law

Article 1 section 8

somewhere there is

a younger political type who is sowing the seed of the ideals that will bring to the masses that which they can fathom .. it will sound simply brilliant and be that which will bring the divided land to some reckoning ..ron paul has done the foundation whether he will add the first tier is tbd.. obama was well organized..a gem ..but whether he is lasting will be told in the next 15 months.there are a lot of folks who do not think they share in the bounty that is america..you cant blame them ..obama's genius is that he touches every fiber of their psche... a "liberty" platform or end the fed theme alone will not win the day..I fear that the constitution remains an archaic notion that has never been known and or concidered vital to many ..I have a big ron paul sign in my front yard ..do you ..??????????????? and I write stuff that the old timer liberty folks don't dig ..thats liberty..

Probably not a good time

to pick up that fight. The Republicans just need an excuse to not give Paul a fair shake.

Plus, a president isn't going to make any changes like that. Those changes will be made when the people stop believing this humurous side show of Republicans vs Democrats.

Don't they already have that excuse?

My husband thinks that those changes can't be made at the federal level, but it just seems like there could be a solution to this problem.
There is also a problem with electronic voting machines as well... let's face it our whole electoral process needs a giant overhaul. Wouldn't it be the federal governments job to protect our election process? Even if it's delagated to the state somehow?

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

My Solution

Remove the ability of the government to hand out special privledges. That is why people want to control the election process with parties, and why their is so much effort to control election. If they couldn't repay the favor (at our expense) once they got in, they wouldn't corrupt the process in the first place.


While the President can't do anything about it, the solution is to return to what our Founding Fathers set up.

One or both of the following would get it started:

Repeal law from 1923 that capped number of people in House of Representatives. Details at http://www.thirty-thousand.org

Repeal the 17th amendment (State Legislatures would appoint their Senators rather than general election)

That was a fantastic website!

That was a fantastic website! I'll be reading through the rest of it in coming days. Sounds like an idea Ron Paul could advocate from an Oval Office speech

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He could die in office, leaving the presidency to his V.P., who will switch over to the Constitution Party.

That's horrible. Jeez.

Not really the answer I was looking for..

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


from a strategic point of view, there is little chance of the left/right paradigm being broken by a third party during a presidential election in the near future. They just ain't got enough money to compete with Wall Street. A change of parties after taking office would be a nice coup, though.