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Nationalist Times - ANU

Hey there. I noticed a thread from about a year ago about people getting a letter from the Nationalist Times. There was a degree of indignation and a whole lot of hemming and hawing over it.

Just so you know, it's not a CIA shop, or illegal outfit, or John Birchers, or anything of that nature. Also, no one stole anything or trolled the internet into the wee hours to clandestinely steal it in hopes of riding your coattails or discredit you.

No folks, it was bought. Plain and simple. Your mailing list, like everyone else's for that matter, is for sale. You have the money, you get the list. Period. You people are no more special than anyone else.

Also, you spend way too much time trying to "out racists". Know what that means? You are one of the marxist kooks whether you realize or not. You mindset paralyzes this and any other cause.

So keep that in mind. Your presumed infallability is just a house of cards. There are way more White Nationalists among the Ron Paul support networks than you think. Probably more than the 'typical' kosher conservatives. The only faction in Ron Paul support groups that probably outnumbers us are the commies... ;)

Do what you want with the account, I won't be back.