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Libertarian Party Asks Florida Sherriffs To Arrest TSA Agents


The Libertarian Party of Florida has written to the sheriff of every county in the state demanding that they arrest any TSA agent who conducts an “enhanced” pat-down on charges of sexual battery.

“We, The People of the State of Florida must turn to you as our last line of defense against a federal government that is usurping authority and ignoring the rule of law.” the letter, signed by party chairman Adrian Wyllie, states.

The party cites electronic and bodily searches carried out on Florida citizens as “egregious” violations of the Fourth Amendment, as well as Article One, Section 12 of the Florida Constitution, which prohibits searches and seizures without probable cause.

The letter, which was also emailed to 67 sheriffs across the state, points out that under Florida law searches carried out by TSA agents fall within the definition of felony sexual battery.


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First Things First

Before you try getting Sheriffs to arrest TSA workers you need to FIRST get them to stop enforcing TSA procedures at the airport. Right now you have local law enforcement siding with the TSA and arresting passengers ar the airports (or physically escorting them out of the terminals). It would be a significant first step to just get them to stop siding with the TSA.

Good for the Libertarian Party!

Good for the Libertarian Party of Florida of which I am a proud member. I am glad the "spirit of "76" is alive and well.

You don't need a sheriff to

You don't need a sheriff to arrest a TSA agent, you can do it yourself.

I absolutely agree with that

I absolutely agree with that letter and wonder why we have not been doing this sooner. Our only protection against the TSA is local law enforcement. It will also reveal President Obama and his administration for what they are - tyrants. It'll force a new age civil war if you push hard enough.

Washington DC still heads in the sand

Congress and Senate should act to protect the public that elected them.

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It Could Backfire

County Sheriffs may actually become more envious of the TSA's broader powers and seek ways to obtain the same powers for themselves. After all, they'll say, "we want to help make Amercians safe from terrorists too; plus we're better trained than TSA".

Sure, it could.

However, County Sheriffs are elected officials subject to recall.