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The R(evol)ution begins Now! Its time Humanity woke up!

This is a re-upload of another one of my videos with almost the same name this one has fixed problems and a few extra videos with some taken out and the speech at the end is halfed and the part where it talks about democracy as the answer is taken out..Its just overall a better video. It's time for Humanity to wake and realise that we are all equal and that there is just 1% who is making life hard for us, these are the elite of the world.. enjoy and thanks!


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This one is fantastic even better than the original

keep doing what you are doing





Great video

Thank you. I never saw that Luke Rudkowski clip before.

Just one thing- the Charlie Chaplin at the end isn't as good as what came before it....I can't take Chaplin seriously.

I do not know if they are

I do not know if they are sleeping under their beds or what. Today on my way to work, I had a few stop to make so I went on a mission. I asked cashiers and people around me, "Have you ever heard of Ron Paul?" Well guess what? ONLY ONE had, and he did not know he was running this time. !!!!!
I gave out cards. One said they never voted and did not care because she was Indian and they took her land. Oh well.

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Nice quick investigative reporting


looks like the media may be doing its job in some places keeping

the message of Ron Paul hidden... MMS is a joke these days and I basically never watch it anymore and struggle to when I do

Yes the dying discredited media is working overtime

Damn MSM