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New Zogby Poll - Bachmann in Lead, Ron Paul 4th at 11%

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Remember when Trump topped the polls?

And remember when Cain was the be-all-end-all? And remember when Romney was already crowned?

Lots can happen in the next few months. Ron is in the thick of it.

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The article is subtitled...

But candidate trails if Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin enter race

Come on! It is a wide open horse race at this point. Polls mean NOTHING! Not now. When's the first primary? NEXT YEAR!

Do you think Ron Paul is stressing about this? No. You know what he's doing?

He's working.

He's divorced the necessary work from the expectation of where it will lead, because this is what he understands: You have control over your actions, but not the consequences of those actions. All you do is do what you can, do what you must, do the things you have to do to get where you want to go. Whether you get there or not - that part is up to fate.

He's the man.

stupidity rules.

stupidity rules.

Anyone read the

Rolling Stone article?

Americans are so stupid.


What are you guys whining about?

Those are very solid numbers at this point in the game.

Muddy Trackers don't start out first, they finish first

It's early and he is in it solid, that cannot be denied by anyone. The more they try to ignore RP the more biased they look, the MSM is walking on thin ice and they know it. Ron Paul is in it to win it. The news here is that Romney is crashing, big time, and that presents a really big problem for the neo-con, big government Republicans.

Another disappointing poll

.. if it's true.

Are we going in the wrong direction or have they found a new way to massage the polls?

We need to take over the GOP party as has been suggested so many times before. It only takes a dedicated minority to win elections.

The media is owned by the establishment and we will never change the minds of the indoctrinated majority.

This is what we need to do in my opinion:
- Get involved locally
- Get people out to vote
- Get into vote counting (to stop cheating)
- Concentrate on the people who are supportive of the message of liberty and don't waste time on everybody else
- Get people on board who will be activists and are ready to make a difference

Sigh. So many, still, know

Sigh. So many, still, know nothing of Ron, and think Bachman is great because she is a woman..