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Man Arrested Filming at Airport Found NOT Guilty in Albuquerque

Video recording made by Phil Mocek at Albuquerque International Airport, just outside the TSA barricade, on November 15, 2009, from approximately 2:34 p.m. - 2:38 p.m. Mountain time. This video (without the subtitles) was presented by the prosecution in State of New Mexico v. Phillip Mocek in the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court on January 20, 2011. After about an hour of deliberation, a jury found him not guilty of four misdemeanors with which he was charged.

More information about the case, including addresses for Mocek's legal defense fund (he's paying for this out-of-pocket), can be found in an FAQ maintained by The Identity Project at http://papersplease.org/wp/mocek

Audio of most of the trial is available for download or streaming on the Internet Archive. There is an index at http://papersplease.org/wp/2011/01/24/audio-state-of-new-mex...

Visible and audible in the video are Mocek, Albuquerque Airport Police Department officers Robert F. "Bobby" Dilley (116), Landrow "Wiggy" Wiggins (137), and Julio A. De La Peña (135), and TSA staff LTSO Jonathon Breedon, TSM Gerald Romero, STSO Anthony M. Schreiner, Greg Martinez, and BDO Laura Moots.

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This trial is a little more

This trial is a little more important to our future than the Casey Anthony trial.. I'll listen to THIS ONE.

That if for sure.

Too bad you are one in a hundred.

Is there a link to a story

Is there a link to a news story about the acquittal?

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nice coverage MMJ