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They are holding the $10 tickets to Ames over for a while longer

Just got a call from Ron Paul Iowa to confirm my ticket and she told me they are doing the $10 ticket a while longer. PLEASE any Iowa people on the Daily Paul call and get your tickets now. This is really important, we have to have a good showing!

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I've got 5 purchased on reserve for my tag-a-longs...

The goal for the campaign initially was to get 25 people from each county to attend on the buses. My meetup in our county has about 10 committed so far, and we are well on our way to surpassing the 25 person goal for the campaign. Our approach is to sell not just Ron Paul, but the experience. We like to consider ourselves the "fun crowd," and the bus ride that everyone WANTS to go on, because it is going to be a blast! :)

We are also taking out ad space in our local shopper newspaper that goes out free to all households, with information on getting in touch with us about this AWESOME BUS RIDE, and joining up for our laid-back, like-minded meetup groups weekly!



here's the link


Jim Rogers