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The Great Recovery ~a video by Dave Ramsey

Thanks to Dave Ramsey's plan, I became debt free right before the 2008 recession hit and I lost my job. Since I had volatile employment and big cuts in wages. But because I was debt free, instead of this destroying my finances, it was merely a speed bump. I'm more than back on my feet now.

Also, DR's mutual fund advice allowed my 401ks to not only weather the 2008 storm quite well, my funds bounced back way ahead of the Dow...I'm even outperforming gold right now.

I really like this video because I believe that things aren't as bad as the government/media makes them out to be. Sure, to the people that don't handle their finances, this hiccup in the economy was a disaster. Well, the lesson isn't to run and hide, it's to straighten out one's finances. Via my experience the last few years, I plainly see that one can still get financially wealthy quite easily in this country. It's a shame, a waste, and frankly, cowardly, to wallow in chicken hawking bull squeeze.

We are US citizens...optimistic, rugged, etc. Apply that elbow grease, that American know how, etc.

The Great Recovery has been and always will be having the correct mindset.


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Ramsey does not understand economics.

Listen to this call on the Dave Ramsey Show before the 2008 collapse. Ramsey ridicules Peter Schiff and his book "Crashproof" and says no collapse is on the way.


Ramsey also thinks house prices will rise and advises listeners to sell their gold.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” --Albert Camus

He needs to stick to financial advice ...

and stay out of politics.

He makes perfectly good sense when it comes to money ...

and then he blows all his credibility when he talks politics.

He should take his own advice and don't pretend to be a dentist when you are trained to be an airplane pilot.