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Man Flies Freely Around US With TSA Approval WITHOUT A VALID TICKET!

Another entry in the "Laugh at Government" file!! This one is a doozy!!

What with all their rapt staring at computer screens and peoples' naked bodies I bet you thought the TSA was actually concerned with basic, commonsensical security?

Think again!

ALL THIS TIME THE TSA HAS NOT EVEN BEEN BOTHERING TO CHECK IF THE PERSON PRESENTING ID ACTUALLY HAS A VALID PLANE TICKET, IN HIS NAME, ON THAT DAY!! Some guy has been flying around without valid tickets for, apparently, quite some time and the TSA has been waving him right through!

Anyway, with this sort of gross incompetence continuing, don't you think it is a farce to continue the pretense that "the government" is competent? Of course not! Let's hire more TSA agents!!! Yeah, THAT's the ticket!!!



Free flights for everyone!

Jul 2nd 2011, 21:02 by N.B. | MINNEAPOLIS

ON WEDNESDAY, the FBI arrested Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, a 24-year-old Nigerian American man, at Los Angeles International Airport. Federal agents watched as Mr Noibi allegedly tried to convince a Delta Air Lines employee to let him on to a plane to Atlanta even though his boarding pass was, as the New York Times reported, "issued in another person's name and was for a flight that had departed a day earlier." That might seem like a bold move, but using another person's boarding pass had reportedly worked for Mr Noibi in the past: earlier that week, he allegedly "stowed away" (not in the wheelwell, but comfortably in coach) on a Virgin America flight from New York to Los Angeles. He now faces criminal charges.

Mr Noibi was noticed on the New York-Los Angeles flight not because of his allegedly fraudulent document but rather because he was emanating extremely unpleasant body odour. ... Investigators now believe that Mr Noibi may have been travelling around the country for some time using boarding passes that did not belong to him....

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